My Three Darlings

My Three Darlings

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Three days later, Eliza arrived at the Valentine family.

Mr. Valentine did not register their marriage right away. Instead, he wanted her to live in the family’s villa for a period of time before making the decision.

Although none of the women in Krine was willing to be married to this man, Mr. Valentine wouldn’t just marry any other woman either. In other words, he was also a picky man.

Riley informed Eliza that she must establish a good relationship with Mr. Valentine. After they got married, Riley hoped that the Valentines would provide funding for Lawson’s Group.

At night.

Eliza sat inside the bedroom quietly as she waited for Mr. Valentine’s arrival.

“Pop!” After she heard that sound, the entire villa was shrouded in darkness. It seemed like there was a power outage.

Facing the total darkness, Eliza trembled with fear.

She was really afraid of the dark.

After what happened to her five years ago, she was terrified of the dark. She would even need to switch on her night light at her bedside for her to fall asleep peacefully.

Now that she was in a new environment, she was already worried in the first place. She couldn’t believe that there would be a power failure the moment she entered the household.

Subconsciously, Eliza hugged her knees as she shivered in the dark.

She was so terrified that she didn’t even notice that the door swung open.

In pitch-black darkness, she could feel something touching her legs and it got onto her hands as well.

A cold and slimy substance was rubbing on her hands continuously.

All of a sudden, Eliza’s complexion turned pale and the blood drained from her face.

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