My Sweetheart

Chapter458 Never leave

“Joseph, I am not your girlfriend when you are in a bad mood, is that right?” With a calm face, Kathy said very angrily.

“I didn't mean that.” Joseph frowned, but didn't know how to explain it.

Kathy looked at his dark eyes, and said seriously,” No matter what your mood is, no matter what happens, Joseph, remember, I will stay with you and never leave.”

“Kathy, that's what I want to tell you.”

And then, avoiding her wound, Joseph gently pressed her to the sofa and kissed her affectionately.

Kathy was stunned. She didn't expect Joseph to make such a trick again.

He had always kissed her by surprise.

After a while, Kathy stopped him in time when he continued to stroke her body.

She didn't come to him to do such a thing!

“Joseph, are you hungry?” Kathy asked seriously.

She knew that Joseph usually didn't eat anything when he was busy or in a bad mood.

“I’m hungry.” Joseph was honest.

He didn't even think about eating. He rushed back and packed things in the villa, so he didn't have any spare time.

“Let’s order delivery.” Kathy picked up her phone.

Only then did she think of her phone’s screen was dead.

Joseph took her phone, “What's the matter, I’ll buy you a new one.”

“No, I'll fix it.” Kathy snatched it back.

Although she had used this phone for several years, she didn’t disdain it at all.

“How did you come in?” Joseph looked at her.

He remembered that the security here was very tight, and Kathy could not come in because she was not a resident here.

Unless, someone brought her in

“I met Reece...” Kathy's voice became smaller and smaller.

face that had been a little milder suddenly became gloomy again.

got in his car?” Joseph said

Kathy nodded slowly.

said in a low voice, “That’s because you didn't answer my call. Reece said he could bring me in, and I was so worried about you that

thinking of Reece's unpredictable attitude now, she was

fault.” Joseph hugged Kathy and said

was broken, so Joseph told John to order food

even have the right to

“I said…”

fix it for you, and you could change it back.” Joseph


Joseph raised

“Don't dare...”

a new phone in person

was relieved to see that the boss

been repaired in the cemetery.”

how is the investigation?”

the travel records of nearby roads. One of the suspicious vehicles has been found to have something

“Aaron.” Joseph squinted coldly.


has gone too far.” Kathy couldn't help

do something like digging

the police and

and then

again, and Kathy looked at Joseph


“Will you be full just watching me

took a piece of chicken leg and lifted it to

chicken restaurant was her favorite place on AN

no appetite, but she also

the chicken around his mouth and

tip of his tongue licked Kathy's fingertips. Kathy shrank subconsciously at once, and

are still so sensitive.”

Kathy's face was flushed.

in disapproval, she snatched the chicken leg from him, “You’re so annoying, don’t eat if you don’t like

thigh, he suddenly held the back of her head, and in the next second, he bit off

on her lips. Seeing Joseph's cunning smile, she puffed her cheeks and was a little

relieved when she saw that he finally

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