My Sweetheart

Chapter457 I Want to be Here With You

“What's up? Isn’t Joseph with you?”Aaron said in a heavily jesting tone.

“It's none of your business.” Kathy was in a bad mood at the moment, and had been hard on him.

“Tut, is that how you treat the principal?” With a stern face, Aaron said in a majestic tone.

Kathy puffed her cheeks, her anger made her almost unable to control her emotions.

He slandered Joseph, so she really couldn't treat Aaron kindly.

“How can I have a good attitude when facing a principal who couldn't distinguish right from wrong?” Kathy said coldly.

Aaron was even angrier when he heard this,” Don't imagine that I really can't do anything to you when Joseph is backing you up.”

“So? Principal, are you insisting on letting me drop out?” Kathy looked at him coldly.

She was never afraid of Aaron.

Aaron looked at her with straight face. He used to be a professor, but now he was the principal. No student dared to talk to him like this!

“Yes!” He said angrily.

Just because she was on Joseph's side, he could hardly accept her.

“Then I will wait to see what Mr. Fisher can do.”

After speaking, Kathy pulled out the blindfold and put it on, just trying to ignore him!

The voyage was not long, but Kathy didn't expect that she would fall asleep. When she woke up, almost all the passengers in the cabin were off the plane.

She quickly picked up her luggage and left. When she returned to Joseph Bay, she didn't find Joseph. She remembered his friend, Johnson, who was close to Joseph!

However…she didn’t know his contact details.

But after asking Alexia, she immediately contacted him.

Johnson thought for a while and told Kathy the address of a villa.

Kathy rushed over immediately, but the villa area was heavily guarded, and she couldn't get in at all.

Standing at the gate of the community, Kathy looked at the map. This was a villa district in the east suburb of City N, which were built many years ago. Those who could live here were all aristocrats with certain status.

She asked if Zofia knew anyone who lived here, but the reply was no, which disappointed her.

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