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Jasmine looked at me smiling, and I smiled at her then winked. She removed her jacket and then her top, to reveal her boobs, she was braless, the boys eyes were shut open, and some of them were just looking. She had nice looking breasts. She throw her top to Ethan, and in front of his girlfriend he smelled it. Such a fuckboy. She rolled her eyes and walked out the living room. She even missed the time her boyfriend bit his lips, seductivly at my friend. She started blushing.

I was so shocked. Soon, I wondered why Dylan wasn't laughing or smiling anymore. He was on his phone, texting someone. I looked at his phone and read:


My Ex ?

My Ex ?: Babe, I miss you so much.

Dylan: Please stop, because you could of think of that before you cheated on me.

My Ex ?: I swear, give me one more chance. I want to feel you inside me again.