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"No." I said as I turned around to walk out and he pushed the door close and pulled me to the mirror. He stood behind me. Rubbing his member behind my ass. "You like it?" He asked sounding sexy as hell.

"Why don't you ask 'Sweet Cheeks Oprah' that." I said as looked at him through the mirror, but biting my lip as he kissed my neck. "Why were you going through my phone?" He asked beginning to suck my neck. "I don't know it appeared when I pressed the wrong button." I held the wooden part of the counter hard, so I could stop myself from moaning. "Okay, she called me cause she wanted to see me." He said as he pulled me to his torso and then, placed me on the bathroom counter.

He came in between of my legs, and rubbed them up and down as he went back to my neck and began sucking on it harder and harder. "Fuck... Stop Julian." I moaned loudly. "Only if you come on a date with me." He whispered on my ear and continued sucking my neck.

I moaned even more, I didn't want to do that but I wanted more. "Yes, I will go on a date with you... As long as you stop sucki... My... Neck..." I moaned as he disconnected his lips from my neck.

I really didn't want to stop so I kissed him, passionately. He slid his hand under my shirt and trailed it up to my breasts. "Huh." I hummed in between the kiss as he squeezed my right nipple hard. He snaked his tongue inside my mouth, that drove me off.