My Second Chance

Chapter 15: #15 The Fight

Sapphire's P.O.V

I side stepped each of her attacks easily. A smirk formed on my lips as beads of sweat started to trickle down her face. The astonished faces of the people in the crowd also helped my amusement.

We have already been fighting nonstop for 25 minutes. Even for werewolves, it should already tire us.

I haven't made any moves to punch her and she didn't get any on me. I'm just waiting for her to tire herself out and stop instead of one of us being unconscious. Punch her, show her who she's dealing with, Drew growled in annoyance of the lack of violence. Yeah, this is getting boring, Gwen grumbled. Oh, so you guys finally agree on something? I asked sarcastically. Shut up, Gwen mumbled. Fine, this is getting nowhere, I mumbled and aimed a punch for specifically nowhere.

"Owww!" Jennifer protested as my fist somehow landed on her shoulder. But the innocent stupid me let the guilty weigh me down.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." I gasped. "Bitch." She growled and used the chance to punch me in the gut. I doubled over in pain as all the air available in my lungs left my chest due to the punch. Okay, this girl has one strong punch. "Sapph!" I heard someone yelled my name. I started to see black spots and my vision blurred.