My Second Chance

Chapter 14: #14 Jennifer The Satan

Sapphire's P.O.V

"And this is the place we train. I'm in charge of them." Cole said proudly, pointing his fingers to himself. And you think we care because? Drew grumbled and I gave her a flat look. I shifted my eyes to the training compound and gaped at the size of it.

Ryder had went off to do his so called Alpha chores. He told me he would be back soon and Cole, one of his best friend was assigned to give me a tour. At least it's not Alec. I still think he's mad at me.

Ya think, you literally mocked him while you were being locked up, Gwen said incredulously while me and Drew cracked up mentally. Or else I would have been seen as the new weird and crazy girl... wouldn't want that would we?

"Awesome." I whispered to myself as I watched two figures that were fighting on the lawn. Both were female and they were fighting in human form. Things started to get heated and the crowd occasionally cheered or booed. Finally, a punch landed on the redhead and she fell unconscious. The dirty blonde had her back to me as she pumped her arms in the air. Cocky much?

"Good job, Jennifer. One of your best fights yet." Cole said, stepping forward as a the pack doctor pulled the unconscious redhead to aside to treat. I sensed a little unwillingness in his voice. I wonder why... she won fair and square. Although punching someone and making them unconscious is harsh, but she still fought fair, I thought. The dirty blonde turned to face us. Bitch, Gwen growled. It was the girl who fought me in the hallway earlier. A smirk formed on my lips. Anger glazed through her eyes as her eyes stopped on me. I gave her a mockingly wave and a small growl escaped her lips.