My Second Chance

Chapter 10: #10 Fifteen Days

Sapphire's P.O.V

The bathroom was as large as my old bedroom back room, which was saying something. Home... I wonder How Bella and Willow are... I miss where I came from, even thought he people in those packs weren't really nice. As funny to admit, I miss them picking on me. I know, you guys are giving me those weird looks I hate. But seriously, without the picking, I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself.

I sighed and started stripping. I stepped under the rush of the warm water, letting it relax my muscles. I let out a contented sigh. But of course, Gwen had to ruin it.

Sapph, our mate knows that you're a hybrid? When are you gonna tell him? You can't keep it from him forever, Gwen reminded me. I'm scared Gwen, I don't know what to do... What did you think Drew? I asked Drew for her opinion. She didn't answer me. Drew? I called out. Sapph, I don't feel so good... Drew whimpered. What? What's wrong, Drew? Panic started to settle into me. Drew never whimpers. Gwen quietly listened to our conversation. I... I think I know what's wrong... God, Fuck it... were in big trouble... Drew growled. Drew? What wrong? Please... tell me... I begged. I couldn't help but feel fear. When Drew says big trouble, other literally means big trouble. Those kinds that could kill you.

You've made your mate, Sapph. You will go through your full Changing in fifteen days, Drew gasped, a wash of heat overcoming us. What do you mean Drew? You told me it wouldn't happen until I'm 21. What the fuck are you talking about? I growled. Normal full demons meet their mate when they are 21 and above. Demons start their full Changing when they mature, it's also the year they meet their mates. You will go through the Changing this year, Drew whimpered.