My Second Chance

Chapter 11: #11 Making Of A Enemy

Sapphire's P.O.V

What I wished didn't come true. Yeah bitches, wishes don't necessary come true. Tell that to the little kids that are obsessed with Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

I looked into grey stormy eyes. "Watch where you are going bitch." She spat. She was wearing a shirt so tight (I kinda think she got it from the kids section) and a skirt that can be used as a belt. Yup, in all words, she's the typical sluts you see in high-school. "Excuse me?" I stood up, crossing my arms and gave her my death glare. She and her two minions behind her glared back at me.

"You heard me." She growled. "I didn't hear anything... Is that a fly I hear?" I retorted. Burn! Drew yelled in delight. Okay, I see the effect the Changing has on me. "Who are you anyway? A prostitute?" She smirked. "Honey... I think we got the roles reversed here." I smiled mockingly. "You do not want to try me." She snarled.

I could tell that I was really getting under her skin. "I could be telling you the same thing." I retorted back sweetly.