My Love My Hatred (Jennie and Lance)

My Love My Hatred (Jennie and Lance)

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That time, Grandma Mason agreed to let my mother be in the family but on one condition, which is my stepfather can never marry my mother legally. This also means me and my mother has nothing to do with them except for being under their care.

In the Mason’s household, the servants call Leo and Lance master and young master, yet they don’t call me mistress, they call me Lady Gomez. This makes a huge difference between me and them.

Ever since the beginning, I shouldn’t have let myself develop any feelings for Leo, now I have to take all the judgements from them.

I took a piece of tissue from my bag and wiped my tears away. What’s the point of crying? Will Leo come back to me?

Of course not.

I was still in my own thought when Lia Sanderson called out my name.

I did not reply her, she called out again: “Jennie, come sit here and let us all talk a little, don’t just sit there all by yourself! No fun!”

I looked up at her and rejected: “No it’s fine, i’m a little tired, I need some rest alone.”

I noticed Lance’s eyes staring at me, filled with irony and sarcasm, while Leo still wouldn’t look at me.

Then, I heard Lance said: “Lia, there’s a difference between masters and servants in the Mason’s family, everyone should know where their seats are, to let them know their own status and position.”

Lia pretended to be innocent and unaware: “Isn’t Jennie considered as a daughter of the Mason’s family? She is your sister too right? And also Leo’s sister. Why is she a servant?”

Lance glanced at me with the back of his eyes and said: “Since when did the Mason’s family adopted a daughter? Lia you must have misunderstood.” He said.

“Really” Lia asked.

“That’s enough, shut up.” Leo said, his tone rising

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My Love My Hatred (Jennie and Lance)

My Love My Hatred (Jennie and Lance)

223 Chapters

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