Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 797: Only a Kid Would Kiss Like This

The tools were there.

Winnie brought Channing the tools. Channing then squatted down with his back facing her.

Soon, he took out a bunch of hair.

He said, “It’s all good. Just a bunch of hair blocking the pipe.”

Winnie cleared her throat awkwardly after seeing that, “Well… Work is quite stressful recently. I’ve been staying up late and hence having some hair loss problems. You won’t understand since you’re so young. You’re not even twenty yet…”

Channing stood up and stood right in front of her. He was much taller than her.

Winnie subconsciously took a step backwards and her back was against the basin.

Channing said, “I’m twenty. I’m not a kid anymore.”

Winne forced a laugh facing the pressure he was emitting, “Oh… really? Well, I’m twenty-six. To me, you’re still a child.”

Channing inched closer to her, “I know what you’re thinking. I never cross the line all these times, but if you think that I’m still a kid because of this, then I will start wondering, if there's something wrong with the way I’m acting right now.”

After finishing his sentence, he leaned forward slightly. He placed his hands next to her sides and confined her in the narrow space between him and the washing basin.

Winnie was obviously not expecting him to do something like this. She tensed up and stayed in the same pose for a good while.

Her back was already against the washing basin. She couldn’t move backwards anymore.

But if she moved forward just a little bit, she would be in his arms.

Only then Winnie had realized that Channing wasn’t the boy she thought he was. He wasn’t quiet and aloof, and he wasn’t a kid who didn’t know anything about love.

Just like he said, he was keeping himself in check so that he didn’t do anything that would cross the line.

And he did that because he liked her. He didn’t want to frighten her.

He was holding himself back like a gentleman.

And now, he was showing his true colors.