Channing took a cab from Stella's to Winnie's. "Hey Chan, haven't seen you around lately, did you fight with your girlfriend?" The security guard said as soon as he saw him at the building entrance.

Channing came to a halt and smiled, "No, I've been quite busy lately."

"I see, go ahead and have some fun with her."

Channing walked away with a slight nod.

Winnie was putting on a face mask, doing yoga, and talking on the phone with her friend all at the same time in her house.

"Do you know the boy? Can you give me his contact information?" Her friend inquired.

"Which boy?" Winnie was perplexed.

"The one who shot a commercial with you, he topped the trending list today, haven't you seen it?"

She hadn't noticed it as she was busy reading the script for her upcoming project. She was only on social media to share the post from Stary Sky Studio.

Furthermore, she couldn't care less about those remarks. So, after finishing the script, she rested a while and began exercising without looking at her phone.

Her friend sneered, "How could you have missed such a trend? Anyway, that boy is hot; are you even remotely interested in him?"

"What are you talking about? You said he's a boy, right? So what can I do?" She said this while sitting on the yoga mat, panting slightly.

"I just heard some hesitance in your tone."

"You've heard it wrong! I'm working on my breathing!" Winnie objected, saying, "I'm going to hang up now, there are still moves I haven't finished," and then she hung up.