Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 44 Self-Directed Heroic Act

Jared subconsciously avoided her move.

At this time, Shonna pushed the ward door open and walked in with a thermos food container. When she saw this scene, she froze before smiling immediately, "Oh, it seems like I have come at the wrong time. I am disturbing you guys. Shall I wait outside?"

She took a few steps back to go out.

Shonna's words had made Makenna flush with embarrassment. Makenna hurriedly let go of Jared. "You are not disturbing us, Mrs. Farrell. Come on in."

"I am glad that I am not disturbing you guys." Shonna came in with a thermos food container. "I spoke to your mother on the phone this morning and learned that you accidentally fell from the stairs last night. I'm afraid the food in the hospital doesn't agree with you, so I made some soup and came over to see you."

She glanced at Jared and said, "No wonder Jared didn't tell me about not coming home last night. Turns out he has gone to the hospital to take care of you."

At the thought of the text messages Chloe had sent last night, Makenna was quite upset. However, Makenna hid her emotion very well and said gently, "Mrs. Farrell, please do not blame Jared. I was too scared and asked him to stay in the hospital to take care of me."

"It is okay. He should take care of you!" Shonna asked with concern, "Which part of your leg is injured? Does it still hurt?"

"My leg still hurts a little, but the doctor said it is fine."

"You should be careful in the future. Have some soup. Not only is it nutritious, but it also has nourishing and beautifying effects." Shonna served the soup to her.

Makenna took it with a smile, "Thank you, Mrs. Farrell."

"If you really want to thank me, you should work harder and give me a grandchild sooner." Shonna squinted her eyes at Makenna.

"Mrs. Farrell…" Makenna lowered her head with a blush. She was too embarrassed to look into Shonna's eyes.