Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 43 Is She Treating Him as an Escort?

"I'm announcing this in front of the reporters, so how can this be fake?" Cole raised his eyebrows, "I'll invite you to our wedding."

"Well, okay..."

Cole grew up with a more playful demeanor. And Amber was used to it. She shook his hand away and walked into the office.

"A pot of tea and a cup of unsweetened coffee," Cole ordered and then followed Amber into the office. "Honey, after you're done with your work, let's talk about the acquisition of Maxmatch. And this morning, I checked out Maxmatch..."

Sheila watched Cole enter the office, but the door was quickly closed. His voice was also cut off.

She squeezed the file in her hand, and her eyes dimmed.


Amber was a little confused because she slept with some random guy last night.

She couldn't concentrate on her work, and whatever Cole said, she couldn't listen to it at all. In the end, she thought Cole was too noisy, so she kicked him out of the office.

By noon, Amber had calmed down.

She and Jared were divorced, so she was single. Even if she slept with a strange man, it didn't matter.

What puzzled Amber was that she had been able to drink a lot. And she had thrown up last night when she went to the bathroom, so she was pretty sober. But how did she get drunk again later?

Also, she didn't remember how she met the man and went to the room with him.

Amber thought about the sticky note with the number she had torn up when she left that morning. Then she took it out of her coat pocket and searched for the number on WhatsApp.

Soon, the man accepted her friend request.

Before the man sent him a message, Amber spoke first.