Love in Prime Years

Chapter29 Arthur’s Enemy

Arthur was really afraid of Lawrence. In his memory, Lawrence could defeat him every time.

But no matter how much he feared him before, he couldn't lose his masculinity in front of the girl he liked.

He shouted at Lawrence angrily, "Lawrence, you are crazy! Didn't you hear me singing? You made such a loud noise. How could she listen to me singing?"

Lawrence said nothing, and just stood up from the sofa indifferently.

Lillian was afraid that he would snatch Amelia from Arthur, and she would lose face, so she clasped his hand tightly, whispering, "Lawrence, do you still care about Amelia? Have you forgotten how our children died? Lawrence, you make me so sad. "

"Lillian, I'm sorry." Lawrence sat down on the sofa, and did not look at Amelia and Arthur again.

Lillian breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Lawrence no longer did anything out of line. But her hatred for Amelia grew stronger. She did not expect that Amelia not only made Lawrence obsessed with her, but also got Arthur's favour!

Even if Arthur thought Lillian was his elder sister, his attitude towards her was always lukewarm. But he couldn't help but fall in love with Amelia.

Was it true that children born to the same mother had mutual affinity? No, she would never let Amelia get any reliance!

She grinded her teeth secretly, pulled out her voice and said, "Arthur, do you know who hurt our mother?"

"Who?" Arthur frowned, and he really didn't know who harmed his favourite mother. He asked Dougie, but he kept silent. He was very anxious and didn't get any information at all. He didn't expect Lillian to know it.

"Lillian, tell me quickly! If I know who hurt Mom, I must kill her!"

"It was Amelia, my adoptive mother's biological daughter, who hurt our mother! She is also the 'Beautiful girl' you are talking about!" Lillian's sharp gaze fell on Amelia's face, "Sister, you have killed my child. Why did you still hurt my mother?"

disbelief. He didn't expect that the woman he

mother was amiable and

misunderstood, and she hurriedly defended herself, "Arthur, I know even if I explain, you may not believe me. But I still want to tell you that Mrs Palmer's injury has nothing

day, Mrs Palmer was already seriously injured. I don't know

was a kid. I was bullied by my classmates when I was young and I was muddy, and it was

camera in the ward. I cannot point out the murderer to prove my innocence.

Arthur to believe her. She had loved Lawrence for so many years, but he

murderer of Dorothy and avenge his beloved

Arthur stared at Amelia's eyes for a long time before speaking slowly, "I believe what you said

thousand times. How could she be able to live safe and sound till now? There

mother will wake up soon. When she wakes up, everything

Amelia really didn't want to cry in front of so many people. But today Arthur gave her too much gentleness, and she couldn't

arms and

to Arthur, but in the

Thank you!

really appreciated his trust. He made her feel that this world didn't fail to distinguish right from

but she had an unspeakable attachment to him. There were no romantic feelings, but a feeling more than affection. She

girl, why are you crying? It's not beautiful to mess up your makeup!" Arthur grabbed Amelia's hand, "Come on, I'll

praised, but Arthur said she was ugly, and Amelia was not angry at all. On

to her senses until Arthur took

"Arthur, I can go

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