Love in Prime Years

Chapter 28 Fell in Love at the First Sight

Being in love was indeed a very happy thing. Amelia thought Arthur would only share his happiness with his friends. She didn't expect him to show his happiness to her.

This was the first time Amelia faced such a situation, and for a while, she didn't know how to react.

In particular, Arthur had fallen in love with a man.

Amelia looked at Arthur, and then at Patrick. One was lively and cheerful, and the other was calm and steady. Although their gender was the same, their personalities were quite complementary.

"Beautiful girl, I'm in love!" Seeing that Amelia did not respond, Arthur repeated what he had just said.

When Amelia was in school, she read a lot of comics about boy’s love. But when she encountered it in reality, it was actually a little unacceptable. But Arthur's face was too pleasing and sunny, and she couldn't bear to blow his enthusiasm.

After considering it, she cautiously said, "That's good! You and Patrick match well! Although many people still have prejudice against homosexuality, it is more precious to stick to your heart. "

The more Amelia said, the smoother she was. She said to Arthur sincerely, "Arthur, congratulations to you and Patrick! To celebrate your love, should I help you open one more bottle of wine? "

After hearing Amelia's words, Arthur was dumbfounded, and so was Patrick. But Preston, who had always been indifferent, suddenly laughed.

"Patrick, tell me. When did you and Arthur fall in love? Why don't I know?"

"Get away!” Patrick became angry and embarrassed, "Even if all the women in the world are dead, no, even all the men are dead, I won't fall in love with Arthur, a fool!"

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is?" Lawrence's cold voice suddenly sounded, and Amelia was instantly nervous, feeling that an invisible hand was severely strangling her throat.

do not know! But I know she is the woman I want to spend my life with. For the rest, I have enough time to explore "Arthur smiled

Humph!" The anger in Lawrence's eyes turned into disgust, "Don't you think it's dirty to spend your life with a

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