KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 55 Banquet

After the exhibition, Ken was gonna hold a banquet at Blue Coastal Hotel to service guests.

She specially reserved a table for her classmates.

However, they did not go to the hotel immediately. It was not yet time for dinner, on the other hand, the gift they had prepared were not brought here yet.

After Atlas left the exhibition, he hailed a taxi and was about to go to the Blue Coastal Hotel.

Georgie caught up with him and asked in a low voice, "Atlas, what gift have you prepared for Zoee? Don't be stingy. If you don't have money, I'll lend you some!"

After that, he tipped him a wink to tell him that Harvey who was approaching. "Don't let him look down on you."

Atlas nodded. "Don't worry. I understand."

"Let's meet at the Blue Coastal Hotel later!" Georgie watched Atlas get into the taxi and waved goodbye.

Sitting in the car, Atlas was thinking about what kind of gift suits Zoee.

The conditions of Zoee's Family were not bad but definitely not being good enough.

To raise Zoee, Ken Aniston and his wife had spared no effort. This art exhibition alone would cost them two months of salary.

Atlas felt that it was better to send money than anything else.

"Sir, please go to the nearest bank."



Blue Coastal Hotel was quite famous in Lanceham with a high price level.

To make the decision to entertain guest here might be difficult to Ken.