KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 56 Intentional

The two of them deliberately talked loudly about gifts, which immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Atlas stopped talking and looked at Harvey indifferent.

The people at the two tables beside them also looked at the group of students curiously.

Quintin smirked and prepared to have fun.

Harvey asked, "Hank, tell me what did you send to our dear Zoee?"

Hank glanced at Atlas and said proudly, "I gave her a set of painting kits, which cost more than six hundred bucks!"

A boy next to Hank pretended to be surprised and said, "Six hundred bucks! How generous you are!"

Hank smiled proudly and didn't forget to flatter Harvey. "It's not a big deal. Ask Harvey what he gave Zoee."

His words immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. They all looked at Harvey curiously.

"Harvey, what did you give Zoee? Tell us!"

Among these students, Harvey was the richest, and he was ardently pursuing Zoee. As a result, everyone wondered what present he had prepared for Zoee.

Harvey became the focus of everyone's attention. He looked proud and said with a smile, "I send her a piece of Doig's work!"

"Doig's work! If it's authentic, it costs at least eight thousand bucks! Harvey, you're so generous!"

Hank didn't understand painting at all, but he pretended to be shocked.

Among these younsters, only Zoee and Helen knew about paintings. Hearing it's Doig's authentic work, Helen asked in surprise, "Harvey, did you really give a piece of Doig's authentic work to Zoee?"