KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 29 Don't Raise the Bid Any More

The Emerald Pavilion was the name of the Stone Gambling Hall.

In fact, the casino in front of it was just an affiliate. Stone gambling was the core of the Emerald Pavilion.

The Stone Gambling Hall covered an area twice as large as the casino where Atlas and the others had played. In the empty hall, the rough stone storage area was in the middle.

Each rough stone had a price tag on it, but those placed outside were thought as the least valued.

Those that were really likely to contain the best gems were put away in advance, and then they would be auctioned to get the best result through bidding.

As soon as they arrived, a graceful waitress in a red dress came over and said with a professional smile, "You are just in time. The next round of rough stone auction is about to begin. I heard that these rough stones were delivered from Myanmar. Maybe they contain the best gemstones!"

"Oh, that's perfect!" Joseph smiled. Looking at Atlas and Ruben, he sneered, "Mr. Kimmerly, please!"

"Here we go." Holding the beauty in his arms, he smoked his cigar and strode into the hall.

Joseph, Tobias and the others followed Ruben in.

At this moment, Evelyn was filled with curiosity towards Atlas. Unknowingly, she was actually a little worried about him.

Evelyn deliberately pretended to fall behind. When she passed by Atlas, she quietly reminded him in a low voice.

"Atlas, I heard that gambling on stones is very deceptive. People normally lose nine out of ten. Don't act on impulse. Don't be fooled by them!"

After that, Evelyn hurriedly caught up with Viviana.

Atlas looked at Evelyn's beautiful figure as a smile appeared on his face. "Evelyn is still so kind!"

"It's a pity that her ending in her previous life was too tragic. In this life, I must change her fate!"

"But now we are not familiar with each other. I can only find an opportunity to remind her first so that she will not repeat the same mistakes in her previous life."