KMA: Kickass Man A Is Back

Chapter 30 Here You Are

Ruben looked at Atlas in confusion and asked, "Why? This is the stone that Sherlock Baker and Magician Bill choose!"

Ruben thought that Atlas had never heard of their names, so he added, "Both of them are experts in the stone-gambling circle, and their eyes are very sharp. For many times they have made money without losing on the stones they picked!"

Atlas remained unmoved and said calmly, "If you believe me, don't raise the bid!"

Ruben looked at the green stone and then at the calm Atlas.

In the end, he chose to trust Atlas. "All right, you are my idol. I trust you!"

"However, we can't let that idiot Joseph take advantage of us!" In fact, in Ruben's subconsciousness, he still believed in Sherlock Baker and Magician Bill.

As for listening to Atlas, it was just because his performance in the casino shocked Ruben.

Atlas looked expressionlessly at the stone.

Although he didn't know stone gambling, with the help of the cultivator's perception, Atlas could feel that the Universe Primordial Energy in the stone was very weak.

However, among the stones placed outside, there were several with Primordial Energy.

From this, Atlas judged that those so-called top-grade gems should be jade stones containing Primordial Energy.

However, based on their different properties, their forms were different.

For example, those with the fire properties were rubies, and those with the wood properties were Imperial Green and so on.

However, the appearances of the stones placed outside was the same as ordinary stones. It seemed no green on them, so they were not valued.

If there were Imperial Green Emeralds hidden in anyone piece of them, then the outer layer of it must be green. This is the standard by which most people judge the value of a stone.

Of course, there were also experts who could judge stones based on the materials. However, experts are rare. Moreover, they would usually not come to a small place like the stone gambling market. Most of them would be hired by the stone mining site at a high price.

Joseph and the others continued to raise the bid. Soon the price of this stone had risen to 630,000.