It Was You

Chapter 916 You Are Mine

At the police station of West City District, the capital city.

In Arthur's office.

Arthur had been working on the murder case for several days. With a cigarette in his mouth, he was reading the case file. There were many detailed files, and even if it was just a passer-by who had nothing to do with it, he had to investigate, in case of missing any useful clues.

Sometimes, the key to solve a case was to get rid of the tiny details.

After the reform, his office was smaller than before when he was the deputy director. Usually, there were all kinds of messy things on the table, and there were all kinds of documents, certificates and medals in the office cabinet behind the chair.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

A quick knock on the door pulled back Arthur's soul. He raised his eyes slightly, and the rims of his eyes were red from eyelids to eyeballs, wrapped with blood. He smiled silently, "Bettina, your hair is so fashionable. It's almost shorter than mine. Why don't you just get a bald head?"

Bettina rolled her eyes at him and sat down on the chair opposite him. "If the case is not solved, I will not get the long hair!"

the remnants of

big sip of the cold tea on the table. "You'll be bald in a few

Arthur. After making fun of Arthur, she straightened her body and said slowly, "We are busy day and night. Can we really catch the murderer? Why did the murderer suddenly appear after all

was obvious that the murderer was trying to stir up trouble, but they couldn't reveal the details of the case to the public. Before the real murderer was found, they couldn't justice for Eugene. Eugene investigated the case like a hero for half a life, but

"Boss, I'm here to

Then he threw the lighter back on the table, tapped the cigarette with his fingers slowly and said, "Anyway, there is no clue for the time being. Go and inform them

"Long live our boss!"

out. He was still wrapped in the cold wind

down on the desk

sudden. He wanted to flirt with him as if nothing had happened, but his tongue seemed to be tied up

of single people, Bettina went to the most luxurious restaurant nearby. Tonight, it

wind. The criminal investigation team, which had been lively just now, suddenly became quiet. If it weren't for the two men, the whole building

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