It Was You

Chapter 915 Someone Has Changed

"Is there any news from Greyson?" Martin said in a low and hoarse voice, resting his forehead on one hand.

When Carlos heard this, his face suddenly darkened. He straightened his body from a pile of documents, with a little coldness in his eyes, "Not yet. Moreover, Greyson hasn't contacted us for 4 hours, and the tracker has lost his signal. I've sent more people over... I suspect that something is wrong there."

Hearing this, Martin narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "It's impossible for the Bai Family to see through Greyson's identity in such a short time, unless..."

Carlos's throat moved slightly and said with a little difficulty, "Unless there is a traitor among us, but the identities of these people have been strictly checked. Have we ignored something?"

Martin's eyes darkened and said coldly, "You go to check their identity yourself. In addition, continue to send more people to find Greyson as soon as possible and transfer him back directly. Don't act rashly in Dragon City for the time being."

"Yes, boss. I'll arrange it right away," replied Carlos in a hurry.

As soon as Carlos finished his words, he was about to make a call to make arrangement when there was a sudden knock on the door of Martin's office. The sudden knock made their heart beat for no reason. Martin lowered his voice and said, "Come in."

The door of the office was pushed open from the outside and the captain of security guards came in. The captain of security guards was a young man in his early thirty's, his hair was trimmed with neat board inches. The security uniform on his body was properly put on, making him look like a police.

"Mr. Martin, here is your package." The young man stood at the door and had no intention of going inside.

Everyone in the company knew that without Martin's consent, even the top executives dared not enter his office. Now that Martin was in charge of the Lu Group, so no one dared to offend him.

Carlos was first stunned, and then stood up to take the package. He quickly glanced at the package list, which only had the recipient and no sender. Apart from that, there was no other information.

up and said, "You


this place and closed the door considerately. Carlos carefully checked the package box and confirmed that there was no dangerous thing in it. Then

blurted out, "Boss, it's... Greyson's notebook! How

of the sentence silently. This small notebook was brought with him by Greyson. Now that this small notebook was sent back, then


hurriedly handed the small black notebook to him. Holding the small notebook in his

In the photo, there was a business car. On the body of the car, there was a very familiar logo, which was the logo of the business car found at the scene of

that maybe they were more than one step

because Greyson was in a hurry, his handwriting was unusually

the end of the


over with difficulty, and his phone, which was buried in a pile of documents, rang desperately.

It was Todd.

also a member of the Cloud sect group. He was Greyson's confidant who had been following him all the time. This time, Greyson took the task

drooping beside his body, tightened a little. He finally picked up

was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, and then an exceptionally difficult voice sounded, "Captain... Captain

on the cold ground, blue veins standing out on his forehead, white cloth wrapped in the corpse of Greyson, and blood dripping out. The sound was like a hammer hitting his

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