Invincible Heir

Chapter 48 Tracy Was Beaten

She looked upset hearing what he said.

She appeared firm once again when she recalled the three bodies and looked at Baron in embarrassment, “I just don’t want you to breach the law for me.”

Baron knew Tracy was kind-hearted, so he just said “I got it” only.

He drove to the Blue Sky Kindergarten. Both of them kept silent along the way.

Baron didn’t know what to say, while Tracy thought she hurt him vocally and felt guilty. She wanted to apologize to him but didn’t know how.

However, the couple was amused by Lara who was picked up by them.

Lara said elatedly after Tracy and she came back to the Perry Courtyard, “Granny, dad drove me back home again!”

Sherry got the word “again” from Lara precisely, her face turned glum at once and queried Tracy, “You and Baron picked Lara up these days?”

Tracy frowned and answered unhappily, “Mom, he just drove us from work to home. Moreover, he is Lara’s dad, so is anything wrong?”

“Anything wrong?”

Sherry shouted, “You are now the executive of Samho Group. Lots of young gentlemen dream of marrying you. How can you get married if you waste your life on him?”

Tracy knew Sherry disliked him, so she ignored her, taking Lara’s hand and going upstairs.

“Mom, I am home!” Yuri arrived home from work as well.

Hardly had she come in when she saw Sherry’s glum face and asked in a smile, “Mom, who offended you this time?”

Sherry glared at Yuri angrily, “Your damn sister! What was she thinking? How come she was willing to let Baron pick her daughter up. You see, will those snobs marry her if they spot this scene?”

Tracy eventually realized what happened and the day when Camel and Edward revered Baron at the Spring Garden Restaurant. She couldn’t help to give a bitter smile, “Mom, don’t worry too much about sister. Brother-in-law isn’t the man you saw before.”

“Me? Worry too much? Wait, how did you call that garbage?” Sherry widened her eyes angrily.

Tracy didn’t realize her mistakes, “Brother-in-law!”

“What’s wrong with you? Your sister allows him to pick them up. Now even you begin to call him so? You nearly piss me off. Is that what you want?” Sherry became mad.


her forgiveness, “Mom, don’t judge a person too early. Baron was garbage five

about giving them enough time. If he does be garbage like before, my sister will be bound to dump him without your knowledge.

Yet she replied impatiently, “How tricky you are. Anyone but him can marry my

starving to death.

am so ‘unfortunate’ to meet you, two daughters,” Sherry said before turning around toward the

mad at dad? I want dad to live with us, and hug me

words, Tracy felt upset. Sherry urged her to divorce Baron, but he didn’t live with them,

on him, but she couldn’t

live with dad.” Tracy

eyes sparkled with a

first refused to lie to her, but

I love you, mom and dad!” Lara


couldn’t believe the person coming

with a besom

my daughter. I will kill

could the strong Baron be beaten by

asked in confusion after seeing

me to be beaten

“You wish!” Sherry groaned.

a glance at sideway, Sherry noted there stood a black car near Baron. It looked nice, but Sherry scoffed at him when he saw the logo, “You

and smiled, “Mom, tell me your requirement before I get

immediately, “I will consider it if you pay me 50 thousand

true?” Baron

said ironically, “You really think it’s easy to earn 50

the car’s door while she was speaking and he took out 5 pads of pristine one-hundred notes from the

give you more

when she saw the money was taken out

was nothing but garbage; she mentioned the money on purpose.

Sherry hurried to fetch the money, worrying that he would snatch them

once I gave them to you? I will give you 100

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