Invincible Heir

Chapter 47 Tracy’s Misunderstanding

At the moment, the courtyard of the Scott family was crowded with many people. They all came here to pay their respect.

Edric faked tears over their death. “My dear brother! I wish you and I, together, could build a prosperous family. But now you leave me alone! What am I supposed to do?” He wept bitterly as if he was on good terms with Waldo.

Edmund sat motionless, grief-stricken by this tragedy. His face was grey, and his eyes looked empty, dead.

“Edmund, I know you're out of your minds with grief. I am so sorry for your loss,” someone soothed.

Anyway, superficial or not, the family was sick with grief.

Edmund seemed to be getting back some sense of himself until the next morning. He tried to stand up, but he staggered and almost fell.

“Be careful!” Someone rushed at him and held him upright.

“Go away!” Edmund roared. Everyone was afraid to come any closer.

He got slowly to his feet by leaning on a crutch. That sight made everyone around have so much respect for him. Even Edric was struck dumb by Edmund’s power.

Edmund may be old, but he was still tough. He built the Scott family from scratch. No one dared to underestimate him.

He cleared his throat and said, “I have two announcements. The first, shut down all the family businesses for three days and all the members of the Scott family are forbidden to entertainment of any kind during these three days.”

All were astounded to hear that. They understood his bereavement, but it was indeed a great loss to shut down all the family businesses for three days. But none of them opposed the move at this difficult time.

“The second one!” Edmund glanced at them and continued, “those who discuss Waldo and Wallace’s cause of death will be kicked out of the family!”

At these words, all were extremely stunned.

“Dad, why do you say that? Wallace was gravely injured by that guy! That's why he died! I could not stand it anymore. We should revenge!” A middle-aged woman retorted. She was Waldo’s wife and Wallace’s mother. She had great hatred in her heart for losing two men she loved the most.

“Shut up!” Said Edmund sternly, staring at the middle-aged woman angrily. “They died from accidents. It has nothing to do with anyone! Do you understand that?”

The woman was scared and didn’t argue back. She lost two important men and there was nobody for her to rely on in the Scott family. She couldn’t provoke Edmund, the head of the Scott family.

remember the two announcements clearly?” Edmund said loudly, scanning

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with me, Edric!” Edmund

him to the study

you understand why I arranged like that just now?” Edmund asked calmly, staring

have planned to speak to you

That's enough to show his strength. He could defeat us very easily. If we turn against him openly, he would never give us

on Baron, but

strong he is, Waldo and Wallace died because of him! We shouldn’t let him go

said, “did you

of mortal wounds. Baron’s man did it! They are responsible

they were killed for someone’s benefit and Baron is nothing but a scapegoat.” Edmund examined Edric carefully as if he was looking for any sign

was well-prepared. He was doing a pretty good job of hiding his

right. We can't let him get away with that. You are my only living heir. As long as you could revenge for them, I will name you

you will

this point, I have no choice,”

have options because you have a daughter and a son-in-law. Maybe you could give them the head position.” Edric said and burst into a laugh. “After all, they are blood-related. And I'm just a bastard. To protect your incompetent son

shocked look on his face. How did Edric

because you desperately want me dead. You have declared that their death has nothing to do with anyone! So, once I took revenge on Baron, if I succeed, everyone's fine. But if

sacrificed more than enough for them. Now, fortunately, they

son of bitch! I will never give you the head position!”

finally you admit that! So you will understand if I do something evil.”


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it's okay with you, you can persuade Mr. Scott to put his thumbprint here, and then it will take effect at once.” The middle-aged man stood respectfully beside

to get out of hand. Edmund jumped to his feet and pointed at the middle-aged man, “w-w-what are you talking about? I never

will, your signature

bitch. You set me up.” As he talked, suddenly he felt a sudden sharp pain in his heart. His face became white, and then he tried to take his heart pills from

him and took the medicine bottle out of his

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