Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 209 Say Yes to the Proposal

Winnie's life was monotonous. She ran back and forth between home and company every day, and never came back late except for work.

What else could happen with a life like this?

"Didn’t you say a few days ago that you would tell your children about Brian's marriage? Wendy will be back in a few days. Haven't you told them?"

Daenerys knew all things about Winnie and concerned about her. Although her life seemed to be flat, there were still many hidden problems.

"Not yet. Brian told me not to tell them before his business trip and asked me to wait for him to come back."

At this thought, Winnie was depressed.

He left for five full days without a single phone call or text. Winnie did not know what she was waiting for, nor did she know what he wanted to tell her, but just waited for him.

"Wait for him? Does he want to tell the children himself, or is there something else?"

Daenerys said with doubt and wondered whether Brian wanted to shake Winnie's heart.

"He just said he wanted to talk to me and asked me to wait until he came back from his business trip. I don't know the exact words."

Winnie felt bitter. If she knew, she would not be at a loss.

"What does he want? There's nothing to talk about. It's just about the kids. Winwin, now that it's over, now that your relationship is over, no matter what he says, you can't relent. You just said, even if you love each other, there's no way you can be together."

Daenerys and Winnie had opposite views of love. Winnie supported Daenerys, and Daenerys was against Winnie.

Even if she had no obstacles to be with Brian, even if they loved each other, it was not easy to marry into a rich family, after all, there was a huge gap in identity.

Daenerys did not want Winnie to live a lifetime of grievances, so she give her a reminder in advance.

"Don't worry, the things you worry about will not happen. He has Wendy, so he will not come to me. Don't worry about me but yourself. You are going to be Mommy."

Winnie managed a smile and left with her bag.

Daenerys’ reminder and Brian’s call kept appearing alternately in her mind.

What if Brian did choose her over Wendy? What should she do?

Should she treat it rationally as Daenerys said, or take the challenge for love once?

Winnie said she could handle her own things, but Brian did not say anything and she did not know what to do.

Daenerys sitting in the office could not calm down. Winnie told her to think about her thing, so she would think about it.

Yes, she was sure that she liked Kevin, but did Kevin like her?

Daenerys thought for a long time, and finally decided to find Kevin to talk about it when she got off work.



out a case.

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Kevin had no confidence.

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marry you. I now formally tell you, Daenerys, I love

Daenerys’ heart thoroughly at that moment, yes, she saw love in his eyes, saw the love that

could not say a word, but

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"You're pregnant?”

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him that his love must be based on the acceptance of the child, Kevin

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melted as she looked at the dazzling

time I said I liked you. I decided then that you were my wife, and that I would marry you anyway and let you wear

baby has accelerated my marriage proposal. I want this baby, and I want

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