Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 210 He Had been Away for Ten Days

Daenerys’ attitude was firm. She could do as the arrangement of Kevin, expect for this.

She wanted Winnie to live better.

"What if we don't succeed?"

Kevin asked, after all, Winnie was a persistent person and Brian was stubborn. Neither was easy to persuade.

"That we wait for two years. If there is no hope in two years, we will have the wedding."

Daenerys also thought of this point that the stubborn Winnie might not to be persuaded. So she gave it a time limit and wanted to have understanding of each other with Kevin in these two years.

"Well, ok. So can we meet the parents?"

Kevin agreed to Daenerys’ opinion. It was only two years and time would pass quickly.

Kevin told Winnie the good news at the first time, because Winnie was the one who cared about them most. Then he told Brian the news.

Daenerys was sitting in the passenger seat on the drive to her house.

"Bro, I have good news for you. I'm getting married."

Kevin was still excited and said in a festive tone. He was waiting for Brian's congratulations.

"I'm too busy right now to listen to your nonsense. You don’t even have a girlfriend, how can you get married?"

Brian said with discontent. He was displeased to hear Kevin’s boring joke when he was so busy.

"I'm not talking nonsense, I mean it. I will register marriage with Daenerys tomorrow. Bless me, Bro."

Kevin repeated and told him the bride's name.

"Who? Daenerys? You marry Daenerys?"

Brian asked in disbelief, because he had heard that Kevin was courting Daenerys. It was unbelievable that they would get married.

"Yes, Daenerys. Daenerys is the woman I want to love with my heart for a lifetime. If you don't believe me, see my marriage certificate tomorrow."

Kevin understood why Brian did not believe him, after all, he did not mention it to Brian. He wanted to tell him after their relationship was determined. And now he was going to get married.

"Are you serious?”

Brian asked again hearing that they would get marriage certificate tomorrow.

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motivated Brian. He wanted to finish the work as soon as possible, so that he could go back to Winnie and stay with her

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days later, Winnie finally took off the burden. To reward their hard work, Leo invited them to a high-end

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But everyone knew that she paid the most and she got the biggest credit. Without her,

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Leo said considerately.

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Winnie rejected Leo.

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