Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 201 Indulge

Brian had been holding on as hard as he could, and Winnie's words were likely to break him down. But he did not want to take advantage of her while she was unconscious.


“I'm not a woman when I get drunk? I'm disgusting you? OK... I'll see if any men take me as a woman.”

Winnie got off the bed and was to leave. It was hard, but she walked firmly.


Brian caught up with Winnie and grabbed her arm to force her to turn around and face him.

“Will you sober up? I......”

When Brian was to persuade Winnie, Winnie took the initiative to kiss Brian.

It was a passionate, lustful and wild kiss.

Winnie knew she was crazy and that she should not be flirting with the man. But she really missed him. She felt her heart pain in every lonely night.

He was in front of her now. Even though he hated her, she wanted to hold him, to occupy his strong and warm chest.

Let her indulge once, let her have this man again.

Brian had been abstinent for a long time and got strong hormone secretion, he could not help with Winnie's active and wild kiss.

Soon, he turned from passive to active and hugged Winnie tightly in his arms.

How could he hate her? How could he not see her as a woman? He would endure for her sake and never touched other woman.

She was the woman he loved deeply and the woman he wanted to protect all his life. If he hated her, there was no woman in the world he would not hate.

Brian picked up Winnie again, put her on the bed, and then released his repressed desire.

The next day, Winnie woke up suffering from a headache.

The room was so dark that Winnie couldn't see where it was.

She reached for the phone, and then saw clearly the room by the light.

It was the hilltop villa, where she and Brian made deals.

Then the memory of last night came back little by little.

Brian appeared in the barbecue restaurant and refused to send her home. She vomited on the roadside and invited Brian to bed.

“Damn you, why did you drink so much? Why did you do such an embarrassing thing?”

Although she was cursing herself, Winnie did not regret it, because with him by her side, she had a rare and sound sleep.

As Winnie was to get up, she got a text message.

“Your clothes have been soiled by your vomit. I have got one for you on the bed. The car keys are in the drawer; you can drive whichever you like. I have arrived at the company. There is breakfast in the kitchen. Eat before you leave.”

Seeing that message Brian sent her, Winnie felt warm in heart, but all this was like a dream.

Stella went to her grandpa's house. Felix asked Brian to come back.

Felix and Brian were the only two people in Felix's study.

and Winnie

in a serious

the hospital to have examination and he does not have a good state, so I let them meet

answered. Since bribing grandpa’s people, Brian felt

grandpa with the illness of Luke, but with only this reason, grandpa would not force Luke

Wendy comes back, let him contact Wendy more. Luke is

not against Brian now, after all, he did not want Luke's

Jack in the

Brian with the tone

in his heart. However he

do it well, Uncle Thomas will be angry

“Ok, I'll do it.”

say so. Seeing that he had no expression on his

the Bennet Group as long as I am alive. I only

Rufus gave Brian reassurance.

it doesn't matter who manages the company. As long as it is good for

Rufus understood Brian.

is for the

On the dinner table.

still young

a fake smile while

teach him,

said in

Jack is smart, he can do a good job. Don't

Stella said gently.

With Brian, I am not worried. Stella, stay for a longer time. Grandpa is getting old, and your father needs your company.

the topic to

I think. I have no plans of going back

gentle with a

from today. I miss you and you can

very much. To him, boys were used to expand the family business. They must work hard for the Bennet

should be loved. Felix doted on Stella since she was a child


Stella readily agreed.

grandfather's words were just right for her. Even if he didn't say that,

she would have more time to contact with Uncle Thomas. She would find something wrong and thought of a solution, so that she could

came home from work, she saw her aunt in the

down her bag and

are you thinking

she washed hands to

need your help. Take a rest, you are

came to her senses and stopped

alone? Aunt,

aunt was in a daze because she

enjoy taking care of two children. I'm not lonely at home. I can clean the house and cook for

just wanted to take

you were in a

daze because today I saw my former colleagues.

colleagues helped their children to take care of grandchildren,

Be healthy. Bring up my two children and then help Vanessa take

for her aunt to be

I'll. I'll take care of your

clothes and

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