Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 200 Drunken Winnie

Although Daenerys was dizzy, she could hear that Winnie betrayed her. Flushed, Daenerys stopped Winnie, but it seemed that it was of no use. Winnie continued.

“Otherwise she would have turned you down straight away.”

“Winwin, stop, are we friends or not?”

Daenerys continued to stop, but she got blushed.

“I'm her best friend. I know her. If she hates a man, she will avoid him as much as possible. It is impossible for her to eat at the same table with him.”

“So you have a chance. Just hang in there.”

Winnie said. Looking at Daenerys’ blushing face, she smiled happily.

“Don't worry, I will. I will not give up easily.”

Looking at Daenerys covering her face with her hands, Kevin felt it cute.

“Well, then, I shall be expecting good news from you. Don't forget I'll be your backup in case you failed. I'll help you get her.”

Winnie could not help laughing heartily. She had not laughed like this for a long time.


In order to stop Winnie, Daenerys could only let her drink, because she would sleep instead of talking when she got drunk.


Winnie did not refuse, trying to get drunk, so that she could forget all the troubles.

The two women drank more and more, and finally they lied on the desks.

When Kevin did not know what to do, Brian called.

“Where are you? Drink with me.”

Brian wanted to drink. He was in a bad mood obviously.

Now Kevin did not want to drink, now he had to get the two women home.

“I am in XXX, come over.”

Kevin felt it not right, but the two women were really a big problem for him right now.

About 20 minutes later, when Brian reached the table and saw Winnie leaning over it, he realized he had been tricked.

“Brian, take Winwin home. She's drunk. I'll take Daenerys home.”

Kevin treated Brian as a savior without any guilt.

“I didn't tell her to drink much. I won't take her home.”

Brian said coldly.

After hearing Winnie's words that day, he told himself he had to forget about her. From that moment on, Winnie had nothing to do with him.

He had always felt in debt to her, but he had paid her back by giving her custody of two children. He did not owe Winnie anything. He should have turned a blind eye to her.

turned around and walked away. Then Winnie's voice came from behind him, which made

go back on my own. I can take a


daze, and

she had been sitting for too long, or got drunk, her legs were numb and she fell down before she


but he was sitting opposite Winnie and had no time

the cry and directly turned to catch Winnie, so

you... I'll go back by

with the support of Brain, but she felt that her body was very light and not

first, Doctor Burns.

Although her steps were light, she could still

you just watching her? Send

Kevin said anxiously. However, Brian had been glaring at Winnie's

home. You help her

drunken woman go by herself, so he had to send both home. But now Daenerys’ head was on his shoulder. If

he saw Winnie bump into the

I'll stop a taxi

“Shut up.”

Brian said coldly.

taxi? She had a strong psychological fear

this in mind, Brian forgot about his commitment to himself. He could not let the drunk Winnie

“There's a taxi, I...”


up. I will throw you in the middle of the street if you

stubborn and insisted on stopping a taxi,

panic like a child. Looking at the face in front of her, she had a

he appear in front of me? I must have

a word. Looking at Winnie, who had drunk so much wine, he felt sad and

car and put Winnie in the back seat. Winnie was too drunk to

to a comfortable position, and

steadily, trying not to let Winnie have the feeling of turbulence. But before they had gone far, Winnie made a twittering sound in

can't go home, or my aunt will

aunt would be worried, but she

tightly, but he did not speak.

while and

always looked at the

which was quiet. Only the sound

All of a sudden.

the car. I want

Winnie, Brian slammed on

door opened, she threw up

and came to Winnie


Brian said in dissatisfaction.

got off the car

to the roadside,

know what he could do to help Winnie. All he could do was to

Winnie vomited everything out of her stomach, which made

Brian hurried to the car

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