Heart Hunting

Chapter 140 Mr. President and His Wife Visiting the Company

Monday was a day that office workers resented. When the modest yet luxury Maybach parked at the gate of the DK building, the receptionists recognized it was Mr. President Murphy’s car so they immediately pulled themselves up, even the securities also stood straight up.

Kenny got out of the car first, walked in front of the car and opened the door for Poppy. He walked into the building with Poppy, holding her hand intimately.

Receptionist A spotted Poppy and talked to receptionist B, “Shocking news. Look, Mr. President Murphy brings a woman to the company.”

“What?” receptionist B immediately looked up with her eyes widened. She said in a low voice, “She looks so familiar.”

“The law...lawyer who has been on the TV.”

“She’s so beautiful.”

“And nice dressing.”

The two receptionists gossiped in a low voice with eyes fixing on them entering the building.

It was quite different when Kenny looked at Poppy. It was so tender that many girls would fall for it. The two stood together wearing professional attires of the same color. The delicate attire outlined the perfect figure of Poppy with her beautiful legs uncovered. She was in such a perfect shape that even women were envious of her. She was a perfect match to the successful Kenny. Everyone else was left with jealousy.

All the staff passing by were stunt to find their president bringing his girlfriend to the company openly. That was really cruel of him to show off their love publicly. Didn’t he know that many male employees were still single under his “tyranny”?

When they walked into the elevator, receptionist A was still astonished, “This is the first time i have seen president being so tender. Oh, i fall in love with that tender look.”

Receptionist B snickered her deliberately, “Stop daydreaming. Look at that prominent woman. You don’t have a chance.”

“I know myself, Okay? I’m just shocked at president’s behavior today. He has been away for half a month. Has he been on honeymoon with his wife-to-be?”

Receptionist B shrugged and shook her head, handing over a pile of documents to receptionist A, “I’m not sure where president and his wife-to-be have been. But I’m pretty sure that we are not going home until we finish filing these documents today.”

“Phew! Why are there so many documents unsorted?” receptionist A was soon brought back to reality with sorrow.

Kenny had led Poppy to his office. It was her first time here. The office was decorated using the stable color scheme of coffee with distinct and straight lines, which reflected his personality. It was divided into the visitor area and the administrative area. On the right of the french window, it was his office table, which was against the wall fully decorated with a magnificent painting of mountains and rivers. On each side of the painting, there were two bookshelves filled with books, most of which were about finance and economics. Next to the bookshelf was a medal frame decoration which attracted Poppy to place her hand on it. As soon as she touched it, it opened and turned out to be something like a bedroom with a large bed in it.

Kenny held her from the back and asked, “Wanna check it out?”

not a bad idea. She entered the room and found it to be more than just a bedroom. Besides a large bed, there was a wine cabinet, a bar counter , a treadmill,

Poppy’s shoulder, “Sometimes, I work late and I’m tired, so i just sleep here,” he said while leading Poppy to his bed, “With the bed

and looked at him, “So that’s why you show me in here. Kenny Murphy, what are you thinking everyday? Are you really in

just so tempted by you, little

come in your office?” Poppy looked at him appreciating his face. Though with some minor

talk about business.” Kenny dropped his tricks

it?” Poppy was

still valid. I’ve given you enough time to think about it. So, may i have the honor

“Is that all you wanna

or no?” Kenny

their feelings for each other had become stronger. Poppy was once quite indifferent and it was all due to Kenny’s efforts that

“I can be

“Sure, what

will come anytime if you need anything on legal consulting.” She didn’t

“No problem.”

about to continue flirting with Poppy, someone knocked on the door, “Knock, knock, knock.” Leaning towards Poppy, Kenny felt irritated at the knock.


Aaron who just came to remind him of the meeting, “Mr. Murphy, it’s time for

and all the upper echelons had been waiting in the

his watch. And Poppy urged him, “Go get on your business. I don’t want

around by yourself or should i arrange someone to show you around?” In order to claim publicly that she was back, she ought to

I should be

“Naughty girl.” Then, he turned to Aaron and demanded seriously, “Send Simon

“Yes, Mr. Murphy!”

“Mrs. Murphy, shouldn’t i get a

simple kiss which made Kenny so contented

office and asked respectfully, “Ms Poppy Green, which

thought for a moment and said, “I’ll leave

Simon explained with great patience so that Poppy could learn more about Dakings Group, “The organization chart of Dakings Group is pretty complicated with core businesses in industries of commerce,

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