Heart Hunting

Chapter 139 You Owe Me a Wedding Night!

Time flied! It had been one week later. Having been rescued in the forest, they didn’t go back to their motherland at once because Kenny was seriously wounded. Instead, they stayed in the hospital in Vancouver, Canada for one week and then headed back to their motherland when Kenny was in a steady status with wounds healed.

Poppy and Kenny went back home together. Kenny was doing not bad but he still needed to be treated with medicine on time everyday. Mrs. Murphy was happy when they were finally home but she was worried when she found out Kenny got injured, “What happened to you, Kenny? You were all healthy and strong before you went abroad. Why are you home with all these wounds?”

Poppy was guilty looking at the emotional Mrs. Murphy and explained ahead of Kenny, “Sorry, Mrs. Murphy. Kenny got injured when protecting me.”

Mrs. Murphy stopped for a second and looked at Kenny who nodded. Then she turned to Poppy and put her hands all over Poppy without any hesitation checking whether she was all right, “Who dared to hurt you? Where did you get hurt? Let me check.”

“Mrs. Murphy, I’m all right thanks to Kenny.”

Mrs. Murphy then patted Kenny on his shoulder and said, “Well done, Kenny! That’s what man was supposed to do. You two take a good rest. I will get you some soup.”

Kenny hugged Poppy on her shoulder and said to Mrs. Murphy, “All right! We are heading upstairs.”

Mrs. Murphy understood what he meant and said wittily, “Sure. It might take several hours to get the soup ready.”

Poppy felt wry at their conversation. How come it became...

Mrs. Murphy then came to Daisey, “Daisey, come help me make the fish soup.”

When at the room, Kenny got hold of Poppy tight and said besides her ears gently, “Stay overnight. You owe me a wedding night.”

Poppy looked up at his big eyes, “Look at you! Just like a mummy. What are you still thinking about?”

Kenny pushed her to the corner and said, bending towards her, “Life is short. Seize the day. You can choose to be on the top, making it deeper...” He said and was about to kiss her, when Poppy stopped him with her index finger on his lips, “If i have to go all out the first time, what are you for? It seems you are not strong enough.”

She pushed him away and walked to the french window. She pulled the curtain, opened the window and walked out to the veranda. What a nice sunset. The sky was filled with glorious sunset and rolling clouds. Not far from the urban area, the surrounding was pretty pleasant with abundant plants and flowers, comfortable breeze and a fresh smell.

Intrigued, Kenny came over and hugged her from the back, “Bad girl. When I’m totally recovered, you will find out what I am capable of,” he said while turning Poppy around and kissed her tight on her lips. Poppy didn’t resist and put her hands around his neck instead. The wind blew through them without taking away their passion for each other.

The beautiful moment didn’t last long, which was disrupted by a phone ringing. Poppy pushed him away and looked at her phone. It was called from Susan Wright. She hesitated and didn’t answer the phone immediately.

something to attend to, so he walked away. Poppy was

“Are you all right?”

phone, Poppy answered with a cold smile, “You also thought i was dead,

Green came to me the other day and

to Poppy. It turned out it was really Hilda

on your plan...” Susan stopped for a second and continued, “What should i do now? Or what do you need

You needn’t do anything. Take good care of yourself while expecting your baby and be prepared to leave anytime.” Poppy thought carefully and continued, “He will soon transfer the money to you. When you receive the money in your account, contact me at once. And

and walked into the room. Kenny was lying on one side of the bed. She got on the bed

“Would they be scared to death if they find out you

bring this up. She was confused,

you if you kiss me,” Kenny said with a

“You are childish.”

kiss or not?” Kenny put

kissed him willingly, “Now, you can

said, “I don’t mind showing you around in the

him with interest and he continued, “I have prepared for you an office on the top floor.”

planned to introduce Poppy to the Dakings Group with great ceremony so that those people would know that Poppy

Soft Land Beauty

Green had been having a good time everyday since they were told that Poppy Green was dead. They were now siting at the Light Wave Therapy

my skin has become much better since Poppy Green

with a relief, “I can finally relax and suffer less from

to work

better not go to him deliberately these days. I can tell he is not into

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You can buy off people around him like his assistant or secretary. Once you get


If you wanna hold him tight, you need to be able to cook rather than daydreaming. No pains no gains. I guess you

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