Forbidden Heat

Chapter 24: Starting to Cross the Line

The bathtub was too small for the two of us, considering that Lucien is tall and big. After some awkward splashing and spilling of warm water and foam, Lucien was sitting with me on the opposite end of the bathtub.

“Lucien…what are you doing?!” I asked in panic. Wrapping my hands consciously around my breasts. What has gotten into him? This is not normal. In all our ten years living together, we never showered or bath together. I was old enough to do that by myself already even when we first met.

“Natalia, I want you to wash my back for me…please?” he pleaded as he turned his naked muscular back towards me. What is going on here? How am I supposed to refuse him when he pleads like that? I thought while grabbing a sponge to start washing his back. I placed my hand on his well-toned back feeling his body heat against my palm before rubbing the sponge on his back with the other hand.

Lucien made satisfying sounds as I continued to wash his back. This situation is so weird but the atmosphere seemed to have calmed down and most importantly, Lucien seems to be enjoying himself now. If all it takes to relax him is a back rub, I can probably do this much for him, right? Being both naked in the bathtub together with Lucien is so unreal. My body has been feeling hotter and hotter and I guess it isn’t from the warm water.

After a while of washing his back, Lucien turned around while reaching out to grab both of my wrists in his hands. My body froze as he locked his emerald green eyes with mine. Oh no, he can see my breasts! Without my hands to cover them, both my naked breasts are exposed to his sight. His eyes rove down from my face to feast on my tits and I felt my nipples harden. Slowly he moved his face closer and closer to mine, I closed my eyes half in fear and half in anticipation. I felt his hot breath on my ear as he whispered to me, “Let me wash your back, Natalia.”

I opened my eyes to see him grinning at me. I never knew Lucien could be such a tease. He used the sponge to gently wash my back in circular motions. It feels good and I felt my body beginning to relax. I felt his hand on my naked back stroking from my shoulder blade and sliding down slowly until he reached my waist. I let out a small yelp when his hands circled my waist to touch my belly. I unwillingly let out a soft moan.

“Does it feel good?” Lucien asked in a seductive whisper so close to my ear. I felt his body moving closer so that his chest was almost touching my naked back. I could feel his body heat against my back and I felt a stir of desire building in my lower stomach and then finally in between my legs.

“…Yes,” I replied in a weak and shy voice. I was so embarrassed, getting turned on like this by my stepfather. He must think that I’m so dirty while he probably doesn’t think of me that way. What should I do? I’m getting so turned on by him.