Forbidden Heat

Chapter 25: Crossing the Line

“Ah…Ah…because…we’re…ah…you’re…my stepfather,” I finally finished my sentence amid all my moaning and panting. Lucien is my stepfather, although, I wish he wasn’t.

“So, if I stop being your stepfather; there wouldn’t be a problem?” Lucien asked. I was speechless, I didn’t know at that moment what I wanted. If he stopped being my stepfather, what would that mean? Would we still be able to live together like we always have? Would I ever see him again?

“No…please…I don’t want to lose you,” I whispered as tears stung the back of my eyes. I turned to look at him.

“You can’t lose me. I won’t let you go…I can’t let you go anymore,” Lucien whispered heatedly.

The next thing I know, his lips were crushing against mine. His hands cupped the sides of my face preventing my escape as he kissed me hard and passionately. His hot lips on mine, his hot tongue seeking and probing in between my lips, requesting for entry into my wet mouth. I moaned as I opened my lips to accept the entry of his burning tongue. He moaned in pleasure as his tongue finally found and danced against mine. I never imagined that kissing Lucien would be this mind-numbing. Wanting the kiss to continue forever, I ran my fingers through his hair while pulling his head closer to mine.

I’m sure my face was completely flushed when our lips parted. I wanted more, more of his kisses, more of his love, more of his body. My pussy was flooded with my need for him, I want him to make love to me so badly that my body was trembling with need.

“Natalia, will you allow me to kiss you again?” Lucien asked while looking at me with lustful need in his eyes. He was panting like a wolf in heat for me. I felt so happy that I was able to turn him on this much.