Forbidden Heat

Chapter 19: Risky Love

My body writhed underneath him with pleasure as I grinded my hips against the hardness in his pants. I was so turned on from how he stimulated my nipples that my pussy is already drenched with my honey. I want to feel him inside of me soon, but knowing Zak, he’s going to take his time and make me beg for it.

He got off me to sit on the sofa at my foot. He yanked my short black skirt up roughly so it pooled around my waist exposing my lace-clad pussy to him. I arched my hips up inviting him to play around with my lower body. His hands jerked my wide apart roughly before his fingers felt my opening through the lace of my panties. I could feel the sensation of the lace rubbing against my clit and my opening.

“No. Please, Zak, you have to stop. Annie is right there. We’re going to be seen,” I pleaded with him softly to stop.

Ignoring my protests, Zak slipped a finger into the crotch of my underwear to touch my throbbing slit. My body shuddered at his touch as he stroked my wetness.

“How can I believe that you don’t want it when your cunt is dripping wet?” Zak replied with distaste.

“You’re such a slut, Natalia. Getting all wet in this situation. You better be quiet and let me fuck you or Annie is going to wake up,” Zak threatened in a low and hoarse voice.

Using both his hands, he spread my thighs further, pushing my legs upwards to further expose my pussy to him. Then his fingers pushed the lace covering my sweet hole to the side as his other hand positioned his thick cock at my opening.

“No Zak! I’m not ready…” I protested. I’m not ready to take in his big and thick cock. I’m definitely not a virgin but Zak’s cock is way above average. Even with fingering and other stimulations of my pussy before penetration, taking Zak’s member in has always been a bit painful at the start. Taking him in without any of those preparation is going to be damaging for me. His cock head is much larger than my hole and I could feel it as he positioned himself between my legs.

“It’s too big. I can’t take it in…please stop,” I tried to persuade him. Zak did not respond as he twirled his thick rod around hitting the head around my opening, coating his head with my juices.

This is reminding me of the stormy night I gave my virginity to Zak. Back then he wasn’t this big because his cock seemed to have grown even more over the years but it still hurt like crazy back then. It hurt so much I cried almost throughout the whole process and I bled so much for days before the bleeding completely stopped.