Forbidden Heat

Chapter 20: A Sexy Distraction

Natalia fell asleep almost immediately after I helped her into my car. I leaned the seat back in the hope to help her sleep more comfortably on our way home. She looks exhausted and I don’t mean from the sex we just had but overall, she looks drained and tired. The makeup she had applied today caught my eye right away.

These color tones that I believe suits her were all present on her face and as much as I appreciate the effort that she has put in to please me; it only added to the burden that I feel. All this colorful make-up could not hide her stress and exhaustion or the fact that her body seems to have lost some weight. Something was clearly eating up Natalia from the inside and so far, she has not told me a word about it. This could only mean two things: First, whatever it was is going to hurt me or my feelings. Second, she believes that there is nothing I can do about the situation and that it would only be a bother to me.

I sighed out loud. Natalia has always put about other people before herself. Putting other people first was her nature and at times it pisses me of because I am one of those people that she puts first. I’ve been Natalia’s brother for 10 years and her lover for 4. We’ve always confided in each other as we went through all the nightmares our family put us through. I did everything I could to protect her, mentally and sometimes even physically. However, now that we’re coming of age, the elders will put even more pressure on our lives. My various match making sessions was a good example of their meddling.

In Natalia’s case, I’m not sure what would happen to her. The elders don’t regard her as a true family member due to the lack of blood relations. Yea, so fucking old fashioned. The only reason they’re tolerating her is because of various deals they’ve made with Lucien. That much is common knowledge for all family members. Hopefully, they’ve all kept their part of the bargain and has kept this a secret from Natalia.

I reached over to take her small slender hand in mine and brought it up to my lips. I placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand and another on her sensitive finger tips. How much longer can I continue to protect her?