Forbidden Heat

Chapter 8: Passion-filled Date

Where am I? ...When I came to I was in my own bed and it was already morning. Trying to move made me realize that my body is sore all over reminding me of last night’s session with Zak. My pussy is feeling the intense after effects of serving both Zak and Black Zak. I’m so sore…I should take a warm bath and find something to eat. It must be near noon already…

*Ping* A text message? I reached over to grab my mobile.

“Get on the pills. I only do it raw.”

Edward…I don’t want to meet him ever again. I let out a sigh and headed to my bathroom.

One look at my naked body in the mirror and I knew that yesterday was too rough for me. Both Edward and Zak…I feel like an overused and underpaid prostitute. Shit…Zak’s bite on my shoulder left an ugly red mark. His possessive nature always drives him to leave some mark on my body whenever we fuck.

After my bath, I slipped on a white dress with pink rose printing with a skirt flowing down to around my knees. The least I can do is look pretty and cheerful for my love, Lucien. I head downstairs with a spring in my steps to look for Lucien, looking forward to a quiet weekend at home together with him.

“Finally, my princess is here!” Lucien greeted me from the living room’s sofa with a brilliant smile. We embrace and I pecked him innocently on the cheeks. If only, I had the courage to do more…

I felt eyes on us…

“Oh, Edward is here to take you out shopping. He mentioned there were various things you needed for your internship,” Lucien mentioned casually as Edward strode in confidently.