Forbidden Heat

Chapter 7: Two In One

“Harder…Faster! Ohhhh...Zak!!!” I rocked my ass back against him faster, my breasts swaying back and forth as I rocked my body. As I had begged, Zak fucked me harder and faster burying his cock all the way while his balls slapped against the opening of my hole with each pump. His slip one hand in front and pinched my rock-hard clit making me squeeze my pussy wall tighter around his cock as I pulsated. I was near. He stroked my clit hard with his expert fingers and within a dozen thrusts, I climaxed once again throwing my head back screaming his name.

“Are you alright down there?” I heard a husky calming voice coupled with a gentle hand stroking my hair.

“Welcome back Zak…” I replied dreamily as I tried desperately to calm down from my orgasm. My normal Zak is back…finally. I thought my body would break before he returned.

“Did he give you a hard time again? You look quite bruised and broken,” he said as he kissed me gently as his tongue gently probed my mouth open to taste me. It was such a big change compared to this other self.

“Huh…so he used this toy with you already? That pisses me off, I ordered this for you…look it’s even in your favorite color, you know?” he said with a cutely depressed face as he picked up the used sex toy.

“Hey…it’s my turn now right? Judging from the state of this condom, I haven’t cummed yet,” he asked as he grabbed my hips jutting them out towards his face as he made me get on all fours. Although the normal Zak is sweeter than Black Zak but Zak is still Zak and not once since I’ve known him, was he able to get off on plain vanilla sex.