Forbidden Heat

Chapter 3: How It All Started

Lucien Rosenhall is world-famous as the current CEO of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. After evading marriage of convenience for years, he shocked the social scenes by announcing his engagement to his older co-worker, my mother. My mother has always raised me alone as a single mother so I was very happy when she found the love of her life. I first met Lucien when he came over to our house a few months before his marriage to my mother. I was only 12 at the time but I could tell that he was a kind and trustworthy person. He married my mother when he was only 28 years old. I learnt much later when I grew up to become an adult that although their wedding was sparkly and filled with happiness, Lucien’s family was deeply dissatisfied with his choice of a partner.

Our life together as a new family was amazing and just like a fairytale dream come true. We lived in a big mansion after we moved in to live with Lucien and his family at their family estate. We spent so much time as a family going out on vacations whenever Lucien was free from work at his family’s company. Everything was perfect. Too perfect…that it did not last.

“Your mother is at the hospital, Natalia. I’ve sent the driver to pick you up. Please come as soon as possible,” Lucien said. Lucien, why is your voice shaking?

Less than a year into their marriage. My mother passed away suddenly due to a road accident. Just like that, my only blood relative was gone. Her small funeral was held quietly with only her close friends and Lucien’s family in attendance. As I stood in a black dress beside Lucien to greet the guests, I felt so numb from the pain that I wished that the wind would just blow me away.

“What will happen to the child? They were only married for around 10 months? Does she have other family members on her mother’s side that can take her in?” they were whispering so loud and acting as if I’m no longer here. Mother is gone…what will become of me now? Where will I go? How will I live? I miss my Mother… Tears that I had been holding back streamed down my face slowly as I began to sob softly.