Forbidden Heat

Chapter 2: Complicated Start

“You’re twitching so much inside … you’re gonna cum soon right?” he asked in between sucking my nipples with loud mocking sucking sounds. I couldn’t answer him even if I wanted to. My mind was going blank and numb from the pleasure he was feeding me and my body was now moving on its own guided purely by animalistic instinct and lust. I leaned back and wrapped by legs wantonly around his hips while pulling up my pussy to grind rhythmically against his fingers as he intensified the in-and-out motion.

My arms wrapped around his neck pushing his head in for a wildly deep kiss involving our hot tongue and I cried my climax into his mouth as my release hit me hard. I arched my back against his body and fingers that were still deeply buried in my hole and wrapped my legs tight around his hips drawing his whole body closer to me. The last sensation I remembered before my mind went completely blank was the rush of hot liquid released from the inner depths of my pussy.

“Wake up Natalia…we’re not finished yet.”

I wasn’t sure if it was his voice or the sensation of my entrance being suddenly stretched that brought me back to my senses. He had lifted me to sit on his work table and I felt it…Big, Hot and Hard as it pumped into my cave. His cock was plunging into my hole as his hands held my legs wide open to grant him access to my inner core.

“You’re still so tight down here even after cumming that hard … guess my fingers were not enough for your hungry pussy…”