Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter190 Appetite contest

Luke Up Group is located in the group building in the city center. In soaring rents Xicheng, it is no doubt looking like a piece of burning flesh hanging out blatantly. It is next to the three major squares. Therefore, whether it is to have a meal at noon or sneak away for afternoon tea in the afternoon, Luke Up Group is undoubtedly the most desirable prosperous leisure attraction that white-collar workers want to go to.

After the small tumult in the Marriott Plaza was resolved, Jenny Jin, the one who was originally supposed to pay for dinner, now inexplicably benefiting from the association with her closest friend, Geroge's heart's desire, Victoria, who was now getting around back, had a meal of crab noodles in the most luxurious noodle restaurant on the fourth floor of the mall.

The cheapest bowl of noodles here is RMB499, which can be regarded as sky-high noodles.

In spite of this, George Qiao still felt that the meal was not classy enough at all. If it wasn’t because Victoria said that she has been wanting to come to this noodle restaurant for a long time, he would take them to a French restaurant downstairs.

"French food is always little amount, not enough to get full at all. Besides, what's so delicious about western food? Talking about delicious, the eight major cuisines of our Greater China are definitely the most reliable."

Victoria looked at the menu, her eyes were shining, "I 'm going to have one Big Crab Roe Noodles with double crab roe. Jenny, what do you want?”

Jenny Jin was just about to speak, while Victoria couldn't wait and interrupted again, "Jenny, how about you having this Supreme Crab Roe Noodles? It's different from mine, so I can also taste that one from you then."

"Oh, wait, both noodles need double crab roe. Okay, that's it. Go get you ready." Victoria pushed the menu to the border of the table and looked up at the waiter who was ordering through a tablet.

"Please confirm the order, sir. one Big Crab Roe Noodles and Supreme Crab Roe Noodles, both with double crab roe, right?" The waiter glanced uncertainly at the gentleman who sat opposite and talked about having French food.

"Ladies, what about me?" George Qiao suddenly realized that they had left him out.

Victoria raised her chin and took one look at him, "Aren't you going to eat French food? You go out, then go downstairs by the elevator on the left after checking out."

George Qiao was taken aback slightly, then rolled up his sleeves, sighed, "My bad temper...”

Victoria glared at him, and he sat down again frustratingly, sighed weakly, glanced at the waiter, and twitched mouth towards Victoria, "the same as her."

Just when he finished his words, the waiter dressed up as a traditional Chinese busboy shouted in the direction of the kitchen with a very powerful voice, "Got it, sir. Two Big Crab Roe Noodles, one Supreme Crab Roe Noodles, and all with double crab roe!"

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