Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter191 No Man Is Good

Following Jenny's gaze, Victoria looked back to the entrance of the mall across the road. Two familiar figures were slowly walking out from mall.

The man in the revolving door of the Century Golden Flower had a good figure, wearing a black suit, without any decoration, which was simple and indifferent, and such indifference made the women who passed by excited and shy, glancing at him from afar but not daring to approach.

Everyone was envious of the woman standing beside him. She had an impeccable figure and an exquisite face with large sunglasses, and some of the passers-by recognized her and whispered, "It seems to be Sky..."

If it weren't for the bodyguards a meter away, these fanatical fans would be rushing up to ask for autographs.

"Luke, actually I don’t want to come to the activity today, but it’s the company’s command so I have no way but to come. My nanny car was sent to overhaul, so I may have to trouble you these two days."

"Myles deliberately treat you badly?" Luke’s voice was deep and horse, which seemed to penetrate the soul.

"No, it’s only inevitable to do things I don’t like while working as an actor, not everyone can be like Jenny who has such good luck to meet you and is always protected bu you."

The words were meaningful and jealousy.

"If he makes you unhappy, you can choose to leave Brilliant Entertainment, as for the breach of the contract, Luke Up Group will solve it."

"It's okay, the company thinks highly of me, besides I also worry about others gossiping if I go to your company."

When walking to the door, Sky’s eyes flashed a trace of difference, she put her left hand through the armpit of Luke and took his arm.

"Let's go eat together, I'm hungry."

Luke frowned and looked down at the hands on his arms. Hesitation flashed in his eyes but finally he did not say anything, allowing her to walk out of the mall on his arm.

The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful. The couple was impeccable.

Jenny and Victoria happened to see it all in the distance.

doesn't she know that she is holding a married man’s arm? And what is

lay down because of the burst of pain in the stomach. She still murmured, "Son of a bitch, if

her came the voice of George, he came back with a bag of medicine, including pain-killer, ginger, brown sugar, and even a large


and then suddenly looked up to see a man getting on a

bitch, let’s go home and break up with him, no man

was also gotten into trouble and sighed, "Don't think all the men are bad just because of one man, I am not a

your friendship

"I will!"

help Jenny and her, Victoria was still not satisfied. She was angry and her stomach was painful, and she was

about not going back today

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George pointed to his

back to your own home..." Victoria took Jenny's arm and endured the pain in her

home alone. One looked like dying and the other looked like losing her soul. If

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not for her stomach pain, she would not be thinking of taking a taxi at this

the end, it was George who sent them

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frowned and rang the doorbell, "I haven't heard

was packing up his things at

first saw George, he was slightly stunned, and then saw Jenny holding Victoria at the

her to lie down on the bed, her period

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