Fall in Love After the Flash Marriage

Chapter182 Bid for the Ring

The buttons for bid located near the sofa where Jenny was sitting, a row of ten blue buttons with number one to ten and a row of ten green ones. She pushed the blue button with number one randomly and five hundred and fifty thousand yuan, the bid price of their box were shown on the electronic screen.

“Number one for adding fifty thousand yuan, number two for adding one hundred thousand yuan and number three for adding one hundred and fifty thousand yuan, right?” Jenny looked up and asked.

Luke nodded, “Yes.”

“What about the row of green buttons?” Jenny was a little curious.

“They represent the multiple of the present price you are going to bid.”

“What?” Jenny drew back her hand with a rush.

“Is this really an auction? It is more dreadful than gambling.”

For a while after Luke, no one bid for the ring. When the number five hundred and fifty thousand were flickering on the electronic screen and the countdown at the bottom right had been number two, a big number lighted up on the screen.

“One million and one hundred thousand yuan.”

It was from the next-door box.

Jenny had a look at the green buttons spontaneously and swallowed, “The person must have high aspirations on the ring!”

After such a high price, no one bid anymore. Since such a small ring couldn’t be more useful except being collected in a box, it seemed a little modest for most vulgar people here.

“Bid,” Luke still said tonelessly.

He didn’t told Jenny how much did he want to add, so she still pushed the blue button with number one and the highest price became one million one hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

However, the number one million and five hundred thousand soon appeared on the screen. It was still from the next-door box.


five hundred

“Two million yuan.”


how persistent was Luke for the ring from his face. She just added fifty thousand yuan unhurriedly each time and he didn’t react to it. It seemed that he was bidding

“Five million yuan.”


thousand yuan now had increased over twenty times of its price. She was ignorant of antiques, but the high price was really

turned his head and cast a glance at her with a relaxed look. “What do you want to

moment, Jenny was distracted and pushed

million yuan from box

clear words came from the loudspeaker, Jenny was stiff and stared at her hand with

felt nothing about it since he had no response. Withdrawing the gaze from Jenny, he

million for the first time. Ten million for the second time. Ten million for

price of this gold-plated green

said with a joking tone, “If you had added fifty thousand yuan again, I’m afraid that the


thousand yuan. Many a little makes a mickle. It is possible to be ten million yuan by adding fifty thousand yuan each time. He wouldn’t have the same sense of gaping directly from five million yuan to ten million yuan if he just adds fifty thousand yuan each time. Adding more fifty thousand yuan wouldn’t do much harm. That is

not very loud but powerful and Jenny understood his

asked, “Why

at the price of five million


brought the ring to them followed by security officers, Luke wore the ring

felt her hand very heavy. It was like carrying a safe box. Ten million

to me,” she said with

“Wear it.”

patted her hand to let her sit down. “Wait

said pouty Jenny with an aggrieved expression, “Maybe

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