The specification of this auction in Center Building was very high. The celebrities who came there were served with a box each, in which the electronic screen could show the items in an all-round way.

In the box, the waiter would get tea and refreshments for them.

Sitting on the sofa, Jenny looked at Luke and found that he was not really uninterested with the items as he told her at the door because he was looking at the models attentively.

A while after the waiter came out, Jenny couldn’t sit quietly and moved around with models in the 5D screen. She murmured,

“The ancient people made such realistic handicrafts. It seems strange to use jade to carve a Chinese cabbage, rather than something else, like hamburgers, fried chicken, beers or roast duck...”

“Do you like these food?” Luke cast a glance at her.

“No...” She waved her hand, but her stomach rumbled unexpectedly. She looked at Luke awkwardly. “Maybe I just drank too much water.”

She was forced to drink a large bowl of miscarriage prevention soup by grandmother before she went out at noon. Although it didn’t taste bad, she felt as if she had drunk a lot of pure water and was uncomfortable after drinking it.

Luke pressed the button to call in the waiter. “Serve us some food.”

“We have various kinds of western food, like French cuisine, and Japanese cuisine. Which would you like to eat, boss Lu?

Luke had a look at Jenny and said, “Ask her.”

The waiter looked at Jenny waiting for her instruction.

With a hesitation for a while, Jenny asked, “Do you have fried chicken?”

just had lunch, she had no interest

sorry, er...” The waiter was in a

antique club in Xicheng,


breathed a sigh of

could serve you with

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“But, Mr. Lu...”

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hurriedly. “Never mind. I’m not

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want to eat it.”

of Center Building hurried to be here. Without nonsense, he sent a waiter to buy fried chicken outside and asked what else more did Jenny

fried chicken, hamburgers and hot and sour rice noodles, he had run into Sky, who was going to the toilet from

hurriedly. He couldn’t afford the dress even with

at once. She gathered up her dress’s hemline with a frown and looked bad as she lowered her head. However,

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at Sky unbelievably, “You don’t need my

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your hand?

waiter answered with a woeful look, “Mrs. Lu and Mr. Lu want to eat hamburgers and fried chicken, ah, hot and sour rice noodles as

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