My mind drifts away to my conversation with Cole last night—instantly making me zone out. It has been on my mind and I can't stop thinking about it at all even when I'm here with Emma.

''It's too early, mother.'' She chuckles as she turns.

They are currently standing in front of the mirror as they watch her small bump; the baby is not clearly showing up yet due to the fact that she's two weeks pregnant. The two of them seem very happy that they did not even notice how I'm barely here.

''Emery,'' I look up at Emma; seeing that she has been calling my name for the past few seconds. She looks at me with a raised eyebrow, probably worried about my sudden change. I couldn't blame her, really.

''Yeah? What's wrong?'' I ask, smiling slightly.

My mother; Genevieve doesn't seem to notice much as she continues to go through our closet—looking for Emma's clothes, probably wanting to add more maternity clothes for the future when the baby bump is already showing. She must be excited for her first grandchild and obviously she would act this way.

''Are you okay?'' She asks, sitting next to me on our bed, looking into my eyes. ''You've been zoning out lately and I can't help but say I notice,'' She adds.

I find myself let out a breathy chuckle before glancing at her direction, ''I haven't even notice myself zoning out lately but I'm fine, Emma. Trust me,'' I reply.

To my surprise, she leans in to kiss me on the lips in which I respond back with the same rhythm. The way our lips move against each other in a passionate yet slow sync—I'm practically showing her the truth but I don't have the courage to say it out loud.

She slows down the kiss, smiling at me.

All of a sudden, someone comes opening the door in a hurry before running in; making both Emma and I to turn and look at the figure—Evelyn, seeing her with a wide smile on her face. Then, she starts to push me a little in order for her to sit next to Emma.

''Oh my god, have you seen our guest?'' She exclaims with happiness glistering in her eyes; making me look at her in confusion. Yes, the guest that arrived at our palace is one of the former royalties from France but what does the guests have to do with this.

''You mean, guests. Why are you overreacting?'' I roll my eyes in annoyance at her behaviour. She has never been the one to act all excited over guests that come over—she would even barely be here. In fact, she would not be here at all if it weren't for father's sake.

Evelyn smiles widely, her eyes are showing something that I can't comprehend. The way she looks out at the glass window, it shows a little bit more of her true self and surprisingly, I'm not fond of it.

''Shut up, Emery. You wouldn't even understand. Emma and I need to have this conversation but if you're going to make fun of me, just walk away.''

''I—I'm not making fun of you.'' I stutter.

She narrow her eyes at me before continuing to speak, ''Whatever. There's this guy, his name is Andrea and he's just—breathtaking. He has the lightest blue eyes that I've ever seen; but then, that would be a lie. That is not the point right now,'' She frowns, ''Emma, he's a charming lad. You should see him,''

''Why should Emma see him?'' I quickly cut her off.

''Because I like him, isn't that obvious?'' She sighs.

Emma laughs at me as she pulls Evelyn in for a hug, ''Finally, you'll have someone to drool over. Tell me more about him—what happened down there?'' She asks, paying full attention to the story.

''Come on,'' Evelyn exclaims as she pulls her up, and they both end up chuckling on their way out. I turn to look at my mother; seeing that she's exiting from the walk-in closet, looking for Emma.

''Oh, I was babbling to myself.'' She chuckles.

I smile at her as I make my way down the hall, getting to the stairs before heading straight towards the west wing; where the guests are currently having their lunch—they coming here are welcomed.