My eyebrows furrow at the sound of my phone ringing, making me let out a deep sigh before glancing back at Emma—who has fallen asleep for the past couple of hours while I've been busy going through next week's activities with the duke.

''Hello?'' I answer.

All of a sudden, I start to hear curses coming from Cole; which surprises me. It has been a week since I've left Australia and I haven't heard from them since then, why would he call me out of the blue and begin cursing at me? What have I possibly done wrong?

''You son of a bitch! Do you think you're all mighty now, just because you're a fucking prince?'' He says, loudly in anger as I try to process what's currently happening.

''Wait. Cole, what's going on?'' I breathe.

''The fuck, man! I trusted you,'' He replies.

I quickly stand up straight before exiting the room; not wanting to wake Emma. If Cole is pissed at me about something then we can talk about it—probably settle things through but I'm not going to involve my wife in this situation, she doesn't have to know.

''What the hell are you talking about?'' I try to control my tone, not wanting to wake anyone up at this side of the wing; deep down, I just feel like screaming back at him for doing the same but I need to be able to control my anger—things doesn't always have to end up with fighting.

''You're a fucking liar,'' He says.

''The fuck did I do?'' I pinch the bridge of my nose.

''Since when are you fucking oblivious? Don't act like you've done nothing wrong when you slept with my sister before you left! Not just that, you're a married man who apparently cheated on his wife,'' He replies, making me clench my jaw in anger; trying my best to control the amount of it from escaping.


''Look, Cole. You don't have the right to call me in the middle of the night and start shouting at me because you have no fucking clue what she did,'' I mutter.

He scoffs, ''Now, you're blaming her?''

''I'm blaming no one! You clearly heard her side but what about mine? You're my friend,'' I reply.

The two of us end up quiet for the next few seconds; he probably realises that he did attack me out of nowhere in the middle of the night without hearing what I have to say about this, about Hannah.

Hannah must've said it to his brother and probably blame it all on me—accuse me of taking advantage of her when she was the one who planned it all. She wanted it to look like I cheated with her.