''Indeed,'' Emery says sarcastically.

''Evelyn, none of us were expecting you.'' I turn to see the queen closing her distance between Emery's sister—Evelyn. She smiles at her mother before being pulled by Genevieve for a hug; showing how much she has missed her. They both end up laughing while I glance at Emery and see him rolling his eyes.

''You must be Emma, Emery's fiancée.'' Evelyn says, causing me to immediately blink a few times as I return back into reality. To my surprise, she looks amazingly beautiful from up close—which lowers my self-esteem to the lowest level, ''It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Evelyn.'' She adds.

''Emma,'' I reply.

''Well, we'll talk later, for sure.'' She says before disappearing inside the castle with the queen as they continue to talk—mostly about her trip back in Malaysia. That's one of the reasons why she hasn't been around here. She's been busy travelling the world, mostly.

I turn to face Emery who's currently busy scrolling down his phone, ''I thought you're the first and only son born.'' I say which leads him to look at me.

''Correction, I'm the first and only son born because Evelyn's adopted.'' He replies with a smirk on his face, ''She's not really royalty—she's been brought in by royalties. My mother and my father wanted another child but unfortunately, it wasn't going to happen so they decided to adopt. Evelyn has been an orphan ever since she was a baby; that's one of the reasons why they brought her in and cared for her. Her mother died while giving birth while her father died of cancer,''

''She's really pretty.'' I say, quite low but Emery manage to hear the words.

A frown appears as he looks at me, ''Eh, you're prettier.'' He assures, causing me to turn and feel my cheeks heat up in embarrassment at his compliment but I can't help feeling slightly happy or proud—a prince just complimented me; that's not happening everyday.

My heart starts to beat fast when I realise that Emery is still smiling at me in a way that most girls would fall head over heels but I still manage to stand without falling. Then, I push his face slightly, ''Don't smile like that,'' I say, earning myself a confused look from him.

''Like what?'' He asks.

''Like that.'' I answer.

''Like what?'' He asks once more, slowly closing the distance between us with a small smile on his face while I groan in frustration without realising that he is slowly placing both of his hands on my waist.

''Like that! Like that!'' I answer, twice which causes him to laugh, loud enough to catch other people's attention but that doesn't seem to bother him nor I. He starts to slow down due to my stare but he ends up chuckling—finding it exciting for me to roll my eyes.

''Like this?''

Then, he starts to pull me close so that our body would collide

Then, he starts to pull me close so that our body would collide. My eyes widen at the sight—surprised to see him being such a beauty; the kind of beauty that could weaken my whole body system and shut down. I blink a few times but he doesn't seem to realise that I'm deadly, attracted.

''Or should I do this?'' He asks.

Surprisingly, I am only left focusing on Emery

Surprisingly, I am only left focusing on Emery. Every sound on the back has disappeared into the thin air while I see him laugh and smile; slowly dragging myself towards him. The way he does everything, attracts in every way possible—which surprises me even more.

For some reason, I only manage to hear my heart beating as my lips curve up into a small smile; feeling myself being pulled by some sort of power just by the way he's acting childish around me. As he continues to laugh, I immediately cup onto his face before meeting his lips for a short couple of seconds.

I pull back, realising what I just done.