Emery and I are standing next to each other as we watch the celebration going on in the castle—a private reception. We watch as people talk and laugh with full of grace, enjoying the cuisines that has been chosen by the queen to satisfy each of the guests.

When I turn to look at Emery, I see that his eyes are tired and a little bit droopy but he manage to stay and act like he's happy; trying to make everything seem real, ''You're tired.'' I say, causing him to look down at me.

''You can say that,'' He replies.

Seconds before I can say a word, a woman with dark blonde hair starts to make her way towards us. Her lips are curved up into a small smile and once she has reached us, ''Emery, remember me?'' She asks and I look up at Emery, trying to seek for his reaction on whether he remembers her or not.

It seems like I'm the person who stands in between while I watch them look at each other. The look on her face shows hope—that he probably remembers her but the look on his face shows confusion yet he tries his best to hide it; wanting to make sure that everything's fine and not causing chaos.

''It's Brianna, remember?'' She asks, smiling.

Emery nods his head and smiling widely before agreeing, ''Of course. We met, uh—'' He glances at my direction for a few seconds but then he changes the topic, ''How are you? It has been awhile.''


Brianna doesn't seem to notice that Emery does not remember her at all as she continues the conversation. For some reason, I feel sorry for her yet I keep quiet, only smiling while listening to them, ''I'm alright. I can tell that you're doing great,'' She chuckles, ''It has been awhile ever since you left for Melbourne, eight years ago.'' She adds.

His eyes widen slightly, somehow remembering.

''I have always wanted to leave,'' He says.

She nods with a smile on her face before turning to look at me, ''You two are a match made in heaven. Congratulations, Emery. It's nice to finally get to meet you again,'' She says, earning a smile from me and a nod from Emery—I'm pretty sure he's still lost in a world of his own. I thought.

Then, she disappears into the crowd.

''You don't remember her, do you?'' I glance up at his face, seeing him shaking his head slowly with a slight frown on his face—I only respond back with a chuckle, ''She seems like she remembers you very well. How can you not remember?'' I ask.

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''It was a long time ago, I suppose.'' He replies.

All of a sudden, a slow song starts to play in the background as a sign for Emery and I to have our first dance. I look around at the crowd, seeing that they already have their eyes set on both of us. My body starts to feel slightly nervous due to the fact that we'll be slow dancing in the middle of the ballroom even though it won't be on television.

Emery turns to look at me with a small smile on his face before giving me his hand. I raise an eyebrow at him as he clears his throat, ''I know we never practiced this but I'll lead you,'' He says.

My eyes wander around the ballroom as the crowd waits for us so I place my hand on his, loving how they are always warm while mine stays cold most of the time—probably because I'm with him. We walk towards the middle of the ballroom before stopping. To my surprise, Emery pulls me by the waist ever so closely that our faces are only inches apart.

I keep quiet, not wanting to disrupt the distance between us even though it's slightly uncomfortable.

''Does it have to be a formal dance?'' I ask, lightly near his ear so that the conversation would only be between Emery and I

''Does it have to be a formal dance?'' I ask, lightly near his ear so that the conversation would only be between Emery and I.