''Dad,'' My eyes widen as soon as I see him standing at the doorway with a smile on his face—so I immediately stand up, heading straight towards his direction; wrapping my arms around his neck before feeling his arms around my waist.

''How's my girl doing?'' He asks, pecking onto my forehead.

I smile up at him, ''I'm doing alright.''

His blue eyes are looking directly at me but a reassuring smile but before he can utter a single word, I grab onto his arm and widen my smile, ''Let's go for a walk,'' I say.

We both walk side by side towards the royal garden. I'm walking in the castle with my dad but my mind is occupied with something else; the engagement, the wedding, the queen and Emery. They come in a single package that I can't seem to dismiss.

''Is everything alright, Emma?'' He asks in his British accent.

I breathe out as we sit down on the nearest bench before I place my head on his shoulder—leaning in for support. Then, he looks down at me, ''Everything's alright. It's going as planned by your grandfather,'' I mutter, loud enough for him to hear.

To my surprise, he chuckles and I lift my head up, looking at him with a smirk on my face. He continues to chuckle, glancing at my direction for a few seconds, ''He can be very demanding sometimes and even though you haven't met him, it seems like you already know him well.'' He says.

My eyes remain to stare at the fountain; somehow mesmerised by the view but I can't seem to appreciate it. Not when my mind is giving me a headache.

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''By the look on your face, it shows everything.''

I hear him say, breaking me from my thoughts. Our eyes meet and I just can't help but feel tears appearing yet I manage to hold them back—preventing them from streaming down my cheeks and weaken my state.

Dad pulls me closer by the shoulder, so that mine would bump with his, ''You can tell me anything and everything. You're my little girl—my only girl, it's always you and I against the world, Emma. There's nothing to hide from me. If you want to leave all of this behind, you can because nobody is going to hold you back.'' He says, soothingly rubbing my back.

''It's much more complicated than you think,'' I say.

He sighs, ''How come?''

''In the agreement, it states that Emery is only allowed to marry me and if he disobey, he will break the royal law while I can disagree and leave but it'll give him an impact. He won't be able to marry anyone else and he won't have an heir which ends their centuries of ruling.'' I reply, sighing afterwards.

''You agreed to this?'' My dad raises an eyebrow, making me close my eyes and look down at my fingers—breathing out.

The way he looks at me shows how he does not believe the choice I have made for the sake of Emery. He's probably right, I have ruined my future and my own life for him—he gets to keep the throne while I have to stay by his side whether I'll be happy or not.

Life is always unfair. That's a fact.

''It would be selfish and heartless of me to disagree.'' I reply, gripping onto his hand; trying to gain strength.

''But Emma, a marriage with one of the royalties is not a game. Once you agree and once you've been married, there is no way back. The Van Allans don't take divorces as an option; it has been going on that way for centuries, it can't be undone. You don't want to end with someone you don't know for the rest of your life,'' He says, clearly stating the truth.