''We should go with blue, it'll be perfect.'' The queen says, pointing at the dark blue as she glances at my direction for a few seconds—trying to see whether I'm catching up or not but honestly, I've been sitting here; like an ultimate fool.

''Blue? I'm thinking red,'' Dian says.

They have been arguing about what colour my dress should be during my engagement party with Emery and each time I was trying to speak up, Dian would cut me into it; pointing out more colours.

''Well, I was wondering if—'' I say but the queen frowns, pointing at the colour brown before denying Dian's choice.

They both have been arguing about the colour for the past hour; letting me sit here and watch their every movement. I let out a deep sigh before stepping up and exiting the room, not wanting to hear them arguing—they didn't even notice me leaving.

Dian was also pointing out as if she's planning her own engagement instead of mine and due to that, I felt like it was no use to join their conversation about colours. It'll be a waste; knowing that they won't even give me a chance to speak.

I close the door behind me, sighing once more.

As I look down the hallway, I see Emery staring out the window—without even realising that I'm making my way towards him; slowly, not wanting to wake him up from his trance. Ever since our kiss last night, it's slightly awkward to be around each other.

Once we're close enough, I stop walking and look up at Emery from the side—seeing a better side of his profile. Within seconds, he turns to look down at me; his face showing no expression. Our eyes are looking deeply without uttering a single word, only enjoying each other's presence.

All of a sudden, his lips curve up into a small smile, ''Have you been stalking me, Faye?'' He asks, earning a chuckle from me.

''That's far from what I've been doing,'' I reply.

He chuckles before we both end up in silence once more. I try to avoid his stare but I always look back at him and feel as if his stare is giving me different feelings from different levels.

For once, we finally realise how our stares manage to make us feel lost—leaving us speechless. He clears his throat, ''Shouldn't you be with my mother?'' He asks.

''Your mother and Dian have been arguing about what colour should my engagement dress be. I guess it'll be best if I stay out of their argument,'' I reply, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear before looking up at him again.

''That's not new,'' He chuckles.

I smile before seeing that he has been eyeing my lips for the past few seconds and me smiling only made it worse. He continues to look at me before looking back at my eyes—blinking as he do so, ''I thought so,'' I mutter.

''You thought so?'' He raises an eyebrow, closing the distance between us.

He caresses the side of my cheek with his hand, letting me feel his warmth radiating. Within seconds, volts of electricity passes through my veins—leaving me slightly breathless at the effect. I blink a few times, wanting to make sure that I'm not dreaming, ''Do you feel it?'' I ask, my voice low.

''Feel what?'' He questions.