Dragon Master

Chapter 56: They Will Come to Beg You

Hearing Victoria's words, Franklin suddenly became enraged. He stood up and pointed at her, rebuking, “What do you mean? Asking me to apologize to you and that loser Maximilian? Are you crazy?!"


Franklin was driven crazy by her, and his face was full of anger.


Then, he turned around to his cold-looked grandfather and continued.


“Grandfather, listen, what is she talking about? She wants me to apologize to her? It's fine for me to apologize to her. But how dare she ask you to do so? Everyone can tell her fierce ambition from her language.


Grandfather, you couldn't let her trample your dignity.” Victoria must be dreaming.

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She showed no respect to Samuel by talking to him in this way.


What did she think Samuel was?


Was Samuel the kind of person who could easily admit his mistake?


"Grandpa, I think Franklin is right, Victoria is really getting more and more rude now. She doesn't respect you at all and wants you to apologize to that loser. If it is known by the others, how can the Griffith family survive in the H City?"


Iris tried to make the situation worse with high eyebrows, showing her displeased mood.


The company executives also looked angry, as if they wished to eat Victoria alive.


Samuel got furious, and his cold gaze fell on Victoria as he said in a low voice.


“Say what you just said again!"


Though frightened, Victoria clenched her fist tightly and raised up her chin,


"I... I want all of you to apologize to me.”


DANG! Samuel's cane knocked on the floor heavily, he looked terrible with obvious anger around his eyes, shouting,


“How dare you! Who do you think you are? Order me?" Samuel shook his body with anger.


He didn't expect that his own granddaughter dared to give him order.


Did she want him to apologize?