Dragon Master

Chapter 55: Victoria's Aggressiveness

"Victoria, what did you say? You don't agree? Oh, it's decided by me. I'm in charge, your opinion does not matter!"


Franklin sneered with arrogant in his eyes.


Victoria still wanted to fight with him? daydreaming!


He Franklin, was the first grandson of the Griffith family, the future of the Griffith family.


Samuel had always valued boys over girls, and in his mind, he had already taken Franklin as his heir.


Yunsheng Pharmaceutical, in the end, would definitely be handed over to Franklin.


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A contract with Graham Group was just the springboard for Franklin and let him gain experience.


This was something Samuel had thought about long ago, and that was why he was so determined.


At this moment, hearing Victoria's objection, Samuel turned back. His eyes coldly looked at Victoria as he said.


“How dare you! Are you in charge of this company, or me? You're really getting unruly, did you learn it from Maximilian?!"


In Samuel's eyes, Victoria was originally his beloved granddaughter, talented and beautiful. She could have married a local gentry in H City to make a marriage union.


However, who would have thought that four years ago, she actually got pregnant out of wedlock with Maximilian, causing the Griffith family to lose a chance to be promoted to the top-class gentry in H City!


Because of that incident, Samuel still held a grudge.


Since then, he lost his hope for Victoria.


As the saying goes, where the needle goes, the thread follows. His granddaughter married to a loser, what benefit could he get?


What was more, because of that damned Maximilian, the Griffith family was momentarily became the laughing stock in H City.


"No, Grandpa. I don't care what you think of me, I won't agree to this! I got the contract. Why do you have the right to just hand it over to Franklin, Grandpa? I object!”


Victoria clenched her small fist, gritted her teeth, and looked at Samuel very seriously.


Clap! As a result, Samuel raised his hand and threw a slap at Victoria's cheek, chiding him